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Commercial Circuit Installations

Warehouses, office buildings, and other commercial spaces have a complex system of electrical work that keeps standard and industrial-level equipment functioning without issue. There is much more to powering a light in the office than meets the eye; each light bulb, computer, wall charger, and machine needs a circuit to make it come to life. TriStar Electric performs commercial circuit installations in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and surrounding areas. Are you ready for an estimate, or do you have questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Our Commercial Circuit Installation Services

TriStar Electric specializes in commercial circuit installation services for warehouses and commercial offices, among other commercial electrical services. Our seasoned master and journeyman electricians have the certifications and knowledge to perform all circuit installations, replacements, and additions that your commercial building might need. Below are some applications that could apply to your commercial electrical needs.

Commercial Circuit Installation Applications

Any working electrical outlet has a circuit connecting it back to the building’s main panel or subpanel. In warehouses, office buildings, and other types of commercial properties, you could need commercial circuit installation services for any of these applications:

Whether you need a circuit to hook up a mini-split, extend a series of overhead lights, or charge your warehouse forklift, TriStar Electric can help you in D.C. and Maryland!
Understanding Circuits

Circuit Basics

A circuit is a closed loop that consists of a power source, a complete conductive path, and a load that uses the power. This loop allows electrons to flow freely and constantly through it when activated.

The power source in an office or warehouse would come from the electrical panel and determine the voltage, the force at which current would flow.

The conductive path would be the wires made of conductive material, like copper, to carry electrons. In commercial settings, their protective coatings are color-coded. You will also likely find a three-phase configuration, which uses three different wires to provide power and one neutral wire to carry the electrons back to their source.

The load would be any of the applications listed in the above section and more. Your office computer, overhead lights, and any machine with a pump or motor are examples of loads. Electricity flows through their systems and back through to the electrical panel.

Circuit Types

There are two main types of circuits: series and parallel. In a series circuit, each load sits along the conductive path. If one of the loads disconnects, the entire system ceases to have electricity. In a parallel circuit, each load has its own loop to the same power source.

Commercial, three-phase circuits might include step-up or step-down transformers to adjust the voltage for specific applications or have single phases branch off for overhead lighting and other functions.

Contact TriStar Electric for Commercial Circuit Installations

Commercial electricians from TriStar Electric can find the best configuration for your commercial circuits. Contact TriStar Electric for commercial circuit installations in Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Prince George’s, Montgomery, or Howard County, or Washington, D.C.!

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