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VFD Installation and Wiring

VFDs, also known as Variable Frequency Drives, are machines that channel electricity to create a smooth current to control the speed of an HVAC motor. It is one very important part of a commercial HVAC system that offers businesses multiple benefits. Like other parts of a commercial HVAC unit, a VFD installation requires a professional commercial electrician’s expertise. TriStar Electric is happy to perform VFD installation and wiring services for your Maryland business.

Our VFD Installation and Wiring Services

TriStar Electric’s licensed and insured electricians have the knowledge, skills, and experience to perform VFD installation and wiring services for your Maryland commercial building. We can connect the VFD to its appropriate power source the right way so the motor receives precisely the power it needs to function.

Understanding VFDs

As mentioned above, VFD stands for Variable Frequency Drive. Other names for it include an AC drive or Variable Speed Drive. Its primary function is to control the speed of an air conditioning motor. VFDs apply to multiple types of equipment, but it is most common for commercial air conditioners.

How does it relate to electricity? A VFD slows or quickens the AC motor speed by lowering or raising its voltage and frequency. A VFD uses single-phase or three-phase electricity to keep the AC motor going while allowing its function to be nuanced. Without a Variable Frequency Drive, the AC would have to turn on and shut off entirely to control airflow and ventilation, which is not as efficient as a nuanced system.

Benefits of Variable Frequency Drives

What is the importance of a Variable Frequency Drive for HVAC systems and commercial buildings? With the controlled, steady power that it provides to HVAC motors, your commercial property gains the following benefits:

  • Efficient control of airflow: As mentioned above, varying the motor speed is far more efficient than rapidly turning the power on and off.
  • Extended motor lifespan: Constant startups and shutoffs can lead any motor to wear out faster. You don’t want to replace your HVAC system more often than you have to!
  • Energy savings: Your HVAC system can continue running but lower the energy bill by running at a lower speed during peak energy consumption hours.
  • Keep workplaces well-ventilated: Constant airflow keeps workplaces from having stagnant air, which can cause discomfort and serious health problems.

The Importance of a Qualified Electrician

A commercial HVAC system is not just any appliance; it is a specialized unit that requires specialized skill and knowledge to wire correctly. No matter what size or model your commercial HVAC unit is, it is best to leave it in the hands of a qualified electrician to manage. Moreover, electricity, in general, can be hazardous; even residential wiring and HVAC installations are best left to an expert.

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