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Commercial Heater and HVAC Wiring

TriStar Electric helps commercial buildings get the power they need for appliances and devices of all kinds, from security lighting to industrial machinery to office equipment. We also install and replace the electrical wiring for commercial heaters and HVAC systems, specializing in warehouses and offices; we provide electrical connections for heating units and rooftop HVAC systems in a commercial office or warehouse. Preserving your building occupants’ health and comfort is important; let TriStar Electric be your go-to resource for commercial heater and HVAC wiring services in Maryland.

Our Commercial Heater and HVAC Wiring Services

Commercial Heating Services

Every commercial heating unit requires electrical wiring to the building’s power, and at TriStar Electric, you can count on our experienced electricians to make those connections. Examples of systems we service include baseboards, space heaters, and many other commercial heater types.

Office buildings will use heating and cooling systems, but warehouses usually have just a heating system plus industrial paddle fans. To be clear, we do not service the heating or HVAC systems themselves; rather, we can be your trusted resource for electrical services connecting these vital appliances to your building’s power.

In sum, if you need a commercial electrician to add circuits, connect new heating systems, or replace old wires, TriStar Electric is happy to help and answer all your questions.

Commercial HVAC Wiring Services

We can run a circuit from a rooftop HVAC unit to the main panel or subpanel indoors. Whether your building uses a single-split, multi-split, mini-split, VRF, heat pump, or any other HVAC unit, we can connect it to the appropriate electrical panel. We can run extra circuits from the main or subpanel to different areas, such as a cold bathroom. Once again, if you need to replace wiring systems, we can do that, too.

Heater and HVAC Wiring Basics

How exactly do HVAC wiring systems work? At a fundamental level, electricity comes from a power plant to the building via a long line of wires and transformers. The power source connects to the building’s main panel or switchboard. All electrical equipment, including HVAC systems and heating units, must connect to the main panel or a subpanel through an electrical circuit. It includes all heating, ventilation, and cooling units, whether they provide temperature control for entire buildings or just one room.

Because they are commercial appliances in a commercial setting, they will usually need three-phase power. Small units use a 120/208V Wye configuration, and larger machines often use a 277/480V Delta configuration. TriStar Electric can help you understand all there is to know about your property’s commercial heaters and HVAC wiring.
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Why choose TriStar Electric for your commercial heating and HVAC wiring needs? TriStar Electric has over three decades of experience in residential and commercial electrical services and a team of knowledgeable master and journeyman electricians ready to help you install, adjust, and replace your commercial electrical systems. We are licensed, insured, and have strong partnerships with quality electrical parts providers. Contact us if your business is in Washington, D.C., Anne Arundel, Prince George’s, Howard, Montgomery, or Baltimore counties.

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