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Warehouse and Office Heaters

Efficiency is key when operating in a warehouse or commercial office. The more efficient every aspect of your business, the more productive you can be and the better your work will be. Climate control is one aspect of a workplace that can make or break employee health and comfort. The placement, size, and type of heating and cooling equipment your commercial property uses should work together to create the most conducive atmosphere for working in all seasons. While the HVAC units need careful consideration, the electrical work behind them is also paramount. You can count on TriStar Electric for electrical services for warehouse and office heaters in Maryland.

Our Warehouse and Office Heater Electrical Services

All electrically-powered commercial heaters and HVAC units need a circuit to connect them to the building’s power. Unlike residential HVACs, commercial electrical systems typically use a higher voltage and an altogether different wiring system. For instance, your commercial warehouse and office heaters might need three-phase power over single-phase power.

At TriStar Electric, our licensed and insured electricians can run the circuit connections from your respective heaters and HVAC systems to the main panel or the nearest subpanel. Common types of commercial heaters we provide connections for include the following:

  • Commercial space heaters
  • Baseboard heaters
  • Mini-split HVAC systems

Aside from electrical wiring for smaller units, we also offer electrical wiring for rooftop HVAC systems.

Why Choose TriStar Electric to Wire Your Warehouse and Office Heaters?

TriStar Electric has over three decades of experience in both residential and commercial electrical services in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia. In Maryland, you can find our services in Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Prince George’s, Howard, and Montgomery counties. You can be confident working with us, as our company is licensed and insured, we have strong partnerships with suppliers, and our team is made up of skilled master and journeyman electricians. We are happy to provide you with a free estimate and answer any questions you have.

How to Optimize Warehouse and Office Heaters

How can you get the most out of your warehouse and office heaters? Here are a few tips to consider before wiring them up:

Distribute Evenly

The goal of your commercial HVAC system design is to distribute temperature-controlled air evenly throughout the building. Some rooms, such as attachments or perimeter rooms, might use separate HVAC units like mini-splits. Baseboard heaters and space heaters might sit underneath windows. Consider any obstructions that might inhibit your design’s heating, cooling, and ventilation.

Think In Zones

A more detailed way to think about your commercial HVAC goals is to break down the floor plan into zones. Aim to provide heating, air conditioning, and ventilation to each work zone in your warehouse or commercial office. Each zone might also need slightly different temperature control. For example, a conference room needs more air conditioning than heating, while a laboratory might need tighter climate control.


Warehouses have high ceilings, so hot air will likely rise and leave employees cold. Warehouse fans can push warm air downward to maintain a comfortable environment. If you need warehouse fan wiring, TriStar Electric offers this service, too!

Use Controls

Commercial HVAC systems are perhaps the most energy-consuming elements of your commercial space. Optimize their efficiency by using timed controls to turn on the climate control only when you need it most.

Contact TriStar Electric for Warehouse and Office Heater Electrical Services!

TriStar Electric does more than circuiting for warehouse and office heaters; contact us for any of our other commercial electrical services, such as LED upgrades, panel installations, equipment wiring, and more.

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