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Update Electrical Grounding Systems

The electrical grounding system on your house provides a path between your home’s service box and the earth. The grounding system’s main purpose is to divert charges from lightning strikes and built up static electricity. If you need to update your electrical grounding system, TriStar Electric can make sure this project is done correctly.

In many cases the electrical grounding system needs to be updated because the electrodes and ground wires have become corroded or damaged. Should this occur, the electrical charge will not be effectively dissipated, instead it can travel into your home via electrical wires. This phenomenon can cause extreme damage and fires.

We begin this process by examining your current grounding system. Most systems have a metal rod that has been hammered into the ground. After inspecting this rod, our electrician may decide to replace it with a new rod that is more durable and resistant to corrosion and rust.

Another area we will check out is the grounding electrode conductor; this is the wire that is clamped to the grounding rod. These wires, if placed close to masonry and concrete, can become extremely corroded and compromised.

If we need to insert a new grounding rod, our support personnel will alert the utility company to ensure the rod will not be driven into existing electrical lines, water lines, or other underground objects. We train our electricians to leave the area the way they found it, and should any digging have to occur, it will be handled professionally so your lawn remains in excellent shape.

Faulty electrical grounding systems need to be taken care of by professionals with training and experience. TriStar’s electricians are familiar with this type of project, and will make sure the system is correctly updated or replaced.

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