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Commercial Overhead Door Wiring

Warehouses bring in and ship out goods daily, helping everyday people and businesses sell and receive what they need. Efficiency is of the utmost importance in maintaining the smooth and safe transportation of goods. That’s where automation comes in. Electrically-powered overhead doors are part of what makes warehouse operations go faster. If you need commercial overhead door wiring services in Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., or Maryland, contact us at TriStar Electric!

TriStar’s Commercial Overhead Door Wiring Services

A commercial overhead door motor system is like a big garage door opener. With enough electrical power and a robust motor, the warehouse door will open just like a residential garage door.

TriStar Electric does not install the actual doors, but we do install the motors to the overhead doors and the circuit to the overhead door motor. Depending on size, the motor could require either a single-phase or three-phase circuit. A three-phase circuit will naturally provide more power. With the push of a button, the electrical system works to open the door without short-circuiting or failing to receive enough power at all.

We can add, relocate, or remove commercial overhead door wiring. In some cases, warehouses might not need a particular doorway anymore; in that case, we can remove the circuit. Additionally, we install the electrical connections and motors for overhead doors in newly-constructed warehouses.

More Electrical Services for Warehouses

TriStar Electric specializes in commercial electrical services for warehouses and office buildings. We offer many electrical services for warehouses alone, from the outside to the inside. Our expertise lies in the following:

Dock Leveler Wiring

TriStar installs the circuit between the dock leveler and its closest electrical panel.

Warehouse Fan Wiring & Installation

TriStar installs commercial paddle fans for warehouses and their wiring.

Forklift Charging Station Wiring & Installation

Have the appropriate wiring system to charge electric forklifts with ease.

Trash Compactor Wiring & Installation

Trash compactors, cardboard balers, etc., need a commercial electrician to connect them to the main panel or subpanel.

Interior LED Lighting Wiring & Installation

We install and wire efficient LED lights for your warehouse so your work environment and passageways can be visible. We also install LED emergency lighting should the power ever go out. Are you ready for an LED upgrade?

Exterior LED Lighting Wiring & Installation

Exterior lights around warehouses provide security and visibility for key exterior entrances and the building’s perimeter. The proper lighting can save you enormously on the energy bill; contact us for more information!

Commercial HVAC Wiring Services

Warehouses need climate control to keep operations workable. We provide professional wiring installations for chillers, Variable Frequency Drives, and whatever you need to connect the unit to the building’s power.

Main Panel & Subpanel Installation

TriStar Electric can install your warehouse’s main electrical panel, connect it to a transformer or submeter, and install subpanels as well. We are here to make your electrical system as efficient as possible.

Contact TriStar Electric for Commercial Overhead Door Wiring Services

Please reach out to us for commercial overhead door wiring services in Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Maryland! In Maryland, you can find us in the counties of Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Prince George’s, Howard, and Montgomery. TriStar Electric is happy to be your trusted commercial electrician.

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