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Manual Electric Backup Systems

Downed power lines, damaged transformers, fierce winds – these and other events can cut power to your home for days or weeks. When this happens, you and your family are more than inconvenienced – you may lose perishable items, and systems in your house could fail, causing major damage.

A manual electric backup system allows you the option of turning it on or off when you want. Unlike an automatic system, a manual system provides owners with a certain degree of independence. If you have questions about the differences between manual and automatic backup systems, TriStar Electric will be happy to explain them.

TriStar Electric specializes in the installation and maintenance of manual electric backup systems. Advances in technology allow us to provide backup power to the entire house via a small portable generator, and we are a certified dealer of Generac portable generators.

We have installed thousands of these units in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Northern Virginia. No matter where we work, our electricians all provide expert service backed by knowledge and field experience.

Before we install your manual electric backup system, one of our representatives will meet with you at your house. This allows him to get a clear idea of the size of the home, and which manual electric backup systems are best suited for you. Our sales representatives have years of experience in this area, and receive training from TriStar and our vendors. If you have already purchased a generator and only need it installed, TriStar can help you out.

The installation of your manual electric backup system is usually completed within a day. Our electricians arrive ready to work and will install the system and make sure it is properly attached to your home’s electric power. Of course, we handle all the necessary permits and file them so your system will pass inspection.

After the installation, you and your family will never have to worry about losing power due to storms or malfunctioning equipment at the power station. Your home will be comfortable and your perishable items safe, thanks to your manual electric backup system.

You can schedule a service visit, or talk to one of our lighting and electrical experts about manual electrical backup system, by contacting TriStar today at 410-799-5791 or 301-384-8880.

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