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Chiller Wiring

Commercial HVAC systems are complex systems that give and take away heat or cool air in a commercial facility. Aside from the workings of different commercial HVAC systems, electrical wiring must connect certain HVAC parts to each other and from the initial connection to the building’s power source. TriStar Electric is here to provide your Maryland business with all aspects of HVAC wiring installations, including chiller wiring. Contact us for chiller wiring services in Northern VA, Washington, D.C., and the MD counties of Baltimore, Howard, Montgomery, Prince George’s, and Anne Arundel. Learn more about our chiller wiring services below.

Our Chiller Wiring Services in Maryland

TriStar Electric can connect your commercial building’s chiller to its power source so that it functions properly and safely. We will run and connect a circuit from the chiller to its appropriate power source; the circuit usually runs through a metal joist in the commercial building’s ceiling.

Our company has decades of experience, skill, and knowledge in chiller wiring and is happy to talk with you about your commercial electrical wiring needs. We are licensed and insured and have strong partnerships with suppliers, so we can use quality electrical products that your company needs. Feel free to reach out to us to talk about your project!

Understanding Chillers for Commercial Properties

Overall, there are two types of chillers, vapor compression systems, and vapor absorption systems. Vapor compression systems use electricity to power motors that push water or air to move the refrigerant. Meanwhile, vapor absorption systems use a heat source like steam. The former kind is much more common than the latter.

Two main types of vapor compression systems are water-cooled and air-cooled. If you have seen a large metal object that looks like a water tank on a roof, that would likely be a water-cooled chiller.

What Is the Purpose of a Chiller?

Any chiller’s goal is to cool a commercial building’s interior spaces; in other words, it air-conditions the property. It acts like a refrigerator, using the second law of thermodynamics to allow the refrigerant to absorb interior heat and let it go outdoors through a cooling tower, usually located on the roof. Because air-cooled chillers are located on the roof, they are more susceptible to wear and tear. Either way, chillers’ electrical workings are susceptible to damage due to their complexity or lack of maintenance.

Where Can You Find Chillers?

Large and medium-sized buildings have water-cooled chillers, while medium and smaller structures will have air-cooled chillers. They are applicable to any industry within such a building, such as healthcare, education, manufacturing, warehousing, and much more.

Chiller Wiring & Other Rooftop HVAC Wiring Services

At TriStar Electric, you can count on us to perform any HVAC wiring you need to power your commercial machinery properly. We provide motor wiring, VFD wiring, pump wiring, etc. You can also contact us for transformer, panel, and subpanel installation services. Once again, if you need chiller wiring services in Maryland, Northern Virginia, or Washington, D.C., please contact us at TriStar Electric!

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