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Commercial Flood Lighting

When it comes to commercial flood lighting, TriStar Electric can make sure your business is properly lit, without using harsh and glaring lighting solutions. When it is properly installed, commercial flood lighting can provide safety, security, and attract customers to your business.

The first step in the commercial flood lighting process is to determine the needs of your business. If you own an office building that is closed after hours, commercial flood lighting should illuminate the building and property so employees feel safe and criminals lose interest.

Businesses that are open after dark, such as retail and restaurants, benefit from commercial flood lighting that casts the building and structures in an inviting, bright light.

TriStar Electric has installed thousands of commercial flood lighting systems in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Northern Virginia. We are familiar with the codes, laws, and regulations that regulate this type of lighting, and will ensure that your choice of commercial flood lighting is up to code.

After you choose the fixtures and type of light you want, the next step is installation. Our crews arrive on time and ready to work on your project. Your commercial flood lighting system will be installed to take full advantage of the area, and we make sure parking lots, entryways, and walkways will all be fully illuminated and safe.

We will also provide you with the option of having the commercial lighting system turn on and off at specified times during the day and night. Motion activated commercial lighting systems are also available, and they are excellent choices for saving energy while keeping key areas illuminated.

TriStar Electric is owned and operated by master electricians who train their employees to value customer service and professionalism. Knowledgeable crews will expertly install your commercial flood lighting system.

You can schedule a service visit, or talk to one of our lighting and electrical experts about commercial flood lighting, by contacting TriStar today at 410-799-5791 or 301-384-8880.

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