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EV Charger Installation Throughout Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania, and Virginia

Electric vehicles are the wave of the future.” – Douglas F. Gansler, Maryland Attorney General

With more and more Americans concerned over their carbon footprint, electric vehicles (EVs), like the Tesla, Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, and Ford Focus, are becoming a popular option for eco-conscious car buyers. However, EV drivers need to think about the impact of such a purchase on their home. You see, with electric vehicles, you will need want a dedicated docking station with a dedicated circuit for the EV charger.  To efficiently charge your vehicle, it is important to have the proper set up. We can customize the optimal power arrangement for you based on the electrical system in your home and the type of car you purchase.

EV Charger Installation

When purchasing an electric vehicle, we highly recommend getting the charger installed in advance. But remember, the type of EV charger will differ depending on the car you choose. So you will still need to know the electric vehicle you plan to buy. Once you have made this decision, you should pick up the phone and call a qualified local electrician, like TriStar Electric, to handle your EV charger installation.

TriStar Electric is a Certified Approved Tesla Charger Installer

TriStar Electric, Maryland’s premiere residential and commercial electrician, is pleased to announce that we are also a Certified Approved Tesla Charger Installer. We can truly handle it all. We will visit your home, give you an estimate, and take care of the entire project. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and start saving the planet one charge at a time.

Electricians will help you through the design and permitting process to ensure a safe installation.” – Tesla

Whether you are a homeowner looking to add an EV charger to your home or a business owner who wants to add value for his/her customers, TriStar Electric can help. We provide professional Tesla and EV charger installation throughout the state of Maryland. We also serve Southern Pennsylvania, Northern Virginia, and Washington D.C.

No matter what the project is you can expect the TriStar Electric team to be professional, friendly, and ready to answer any of your questions.

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