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Industrial Equipment Wiring and Electrical Services

TriStar Electric has over three decades of experience in industrial equipment wiring and electrical services in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia. We are licensed and insured, have strong partnerships with quality suppliers, and have a team of dedicated and reputable master and journeyman electricians. We do not specialize in servicing large union companies, but we are experts in electrical work for warehouses, factories, offices, and light commercial buildings. Learn more about our industrial equipment wiring and electrical services below, and contact us for a free estimate. We look forward to working with you!

Our Industrial Equipment Wiring and Electrical Services

All commercial buildings need a way to connect electrical equipment to the building’s power source. At TriStar Electric, our commercial electricians can provide any of the following electrical services:

  • Lighting Installation: We install interior and exterior lighting fixtures for commercial businesses, as well as emergency and exit lights. You can count on us to install commercial lights of all kinds and their circuits. Are you looking to upgrade to LED lights? We’ve got you covered.
  • Equipment Wiring: Do you need circuits for your commercial equipment outlets, motors, and controls? We will ensure your building will have the correct electrical circuiting for safe equipment operation.
  • Commercial HVAC Wiring: Commercial HVAC systems are unlike residential HVAC units, and commercial electrical needs differ from residential standards. We install the wiring for chillers, VFDs, heaters, fans, etc.
  • Transformer Installation: The voltage is the force that gives your electrical equipment a stronger or weaker current. The equipment must receive electricity at the correct voltage for the equipment to work properly. Transformers provide the necessary adjustments, and TriStar can install and wire them for you.
  • Panel and Subpanel Installation: We install main panels and subpanels for the most efficient electrical layout.
  • Circuiting Services: TriStar can install, relocate, remove, and add circuits as you need.

What Types of Buildings Can Use Our Services?


Warehouses use commercial electrical systems, including standard commercial voltages, wiring configurations, and equipment. We provide the electrical wiring installations behind warehouse motors, controllers, disconnects, chillers, LED lighting, and more.


Like warehouses, factories process materials and goods daily on an industrial level. Each zone in the manufacturing process requires electrical power. TriStar Electric can ensure that your building can supply the power it needs.

Commercial Offices

Commercial offices in their own buildings or connected to factories or warehouses can also benefit from our electrical services. We install and wire interior and exterior LED lighting and the wiring for HVAC systems, modular furniture, and more.

Commercial Buildings

Commercial and light commercial electrical work is our specialty. Light commercial buildings are smaller-scale commercial spaces with less than 25,000 square feet. Examples include standalone banks, retail stores, restaurants, offices, etc. No matter your commercial building size, we can be your electrician for industrial equipment wiring and electrical services.

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TriStar Electric provides residential and commercial electrical services throughout Maryland, including Baltimore, Montgomery, Howard, Prince George’s, and Anne Arundel counties. You can also find us in Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia.

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