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Hazardous and Classified Location Wiring

Some industries need specialized electrical wiring due to the nature of their business, involving the daily use of products that would be hazardous if in contact with electricity. Commercial buildings’ electrical systems are already different from residential systems, but hazardous and classified location wiring is in a class of its own. TriStar Electric can be your commercial electrician for hazardous and classified location wiring in Maryland, D.C., Northern Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Contact TriStar Electric for wiring your building!

What Counts as a Hazardous or Classified Location?

Does your commercial building require electrical services specifically for hazardous or classified areas? You can answer this by knowing your industry’s electrical system standards and knowing if your facility actively combines electrical systems with flammable or explosive products.

You will need our specialized electrical services if you have a fuel dispensing area, such as a gas station. We can install and set up your gas station’s fuel dispensing stations; you can also use our additional electrical services for commercial lighting, etc.

Hospitals, healthcare centers, and dental suites comprise another major building category requiring specialized wiring. Healthcare buildings, such as dental suites, use water-dispensing metal equipment powered by electricity daily. The wiring must have protection against the potential hazards from water and any other chemicals used in the medical field.

Other examples of hazardous or classified locations include dust areas, chemical storage areas, and buildings housing fertilizer.

Hazardous and Classified Location Wiring

TriStar installs hospital-grade wiring for buildings where water and metal come into contact during business operations and in properties listed above. We use a pipe conduit that fits over the wiring to make it explosion-proof. Your building needs this protected wiring so there is no chance of sparks, as it could result in an explosion or electrocution.

Ultimately, hazardous and classified location wiring is a precaution to eliminate injury and liability. Talk with us for more information and to see how we can help your commercial property.

More Electrical Services for Your Hazardous or Classified Location

Outdoor & Indoor Lighting Installation

TriStar Electric performs many other commercial electrical services. We can be your electrician for outdoor security lighting and interior lighting alike. With the energy efficiency of LEDs, you can have bright lighting where you need it most and save on your electricity bill. Our lighting options include motion-sensing lights, lighting powered by time clocks and photocells, and more.

Emergency Backup Electrical Systems

Emergency backup electrical systems we install include commercial Generac® generators, emergency backup lights, and exit lights. We are an authorized Generac installer, able to prescribe, install, and maintain your commercial facility’s Generac generator. We can also install your emergency lighting system, so the LED backups will keep key areas visible if the power goes out.

Commercial HVAC Wiring Installation

Hospitals, dental offices, warehouses, manufacturing sites, and gas stations need commercial HVAC systems to create a comfortable environment. Maintain excellent indoor air quality and ambient temperatures with the help of quality electrical wiring. We safely connect rooftop HVAC systems, baseboard heaters, industrial ceiling fans, and more to the main panel or a subpanel.

Call TriStar Electric for Hazardous and Classified Location Wiring!

Are you ready to call TriStar Electric for hazardous and classified location wiring or a related service? With over 30 years in the industry, we are prepared to be your knowledgeable, trusted commercial electrician. Feel free to reach out to us through our phone, fax, or contact page!

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