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Forklift Circuit and Wiring

TriStar Electric performs forklift circuit and wiring services for warehouses in Maryland. If you need any forklift electrical service, you can count on TriStar Electric to be your professional warehouse electrician. In addition to forklift wiring, we provide essential electrical services for all other types of warehouse electrical equipment and warehouse electrical power systems.

Forklift Basics

From its humble beginnings of manually-powered mechanical machines during the Industrial Revolution to its modern inception in the 1920s, the forklift has come a long way and comes in many forms. Pallet jacks, warehouse forklifts, and side loaders are just a few. However, you can boil their basics down to an even simpler form.

Forklifts are powered by gas or electricity, and it is not uncommon to see electric-powered forklifts in any warehouse. Similar to an electric car, warehouses plug forklifts into a wall-mounted charger each night to recharge their industrial batteries for eight hours. Electric forklifts require specific circuits to connect the forklift chargers to a main electric panel.

Our Forklift Circuit and Wiring Services

TriStar Electric’s forklift circuit and wiring services encompass everything pertaining to connecting electrical circuits to the warehouse’s power source. Our forklift charger installation services include running the wiring from the main electric panel to the electric forklift charger. TriStar Electric can install circuits with three phase or single phase wiring, depending on the type of forklift; the typical voltage is 120, 208, 240 or 480 volts.

We can also install the forklift charger. In fact, we can cover all forklift charger services, including repairs, replacements, reconfigurations, and relocations. TriStar Electric is just a call away if you need to maintain forklift chargers or change them for warehouse efficiency.

Common Forklift Circuit Problems

If your forklift circuit needs repair, it could be one of these common problems listed here. If you cannot identify the cause of the problem, we can diagnose and resolve it. Even if you feel confident in your diagnosis, it is wise to contact a licensed and insured warehouse electrician to properly resolve any electrical issue.

Open Circuit

An open circuit is virtually a broken circuit. The wiring has disconnected at some point due to continual chafing against another object or bending wires. Corroded connectors and faulty switches also count as open circuits.

Shorted Circuit

You will recognize a shorted circuit when the fuse blows out or when a circuit breaker trips.

The power will go out when a low-resistance circuit receives an overpowering electrical current. TriStar Electric can identify the circuit’s location and the cause of the fault.

Ground Fault

Grounding electrical circuits connect to the shortest, most efficient route or path to ground itself. One forklift circuit should be a grounded circuit, but a second grounded circuit can cause an electrical short.

Our Pallet Jack Circuit and Wiring Services

A pallet jack is the most basic type of forklift, small and compact to move pallets around tight areas. We service electric pallet jack circuits, chargers, disconnect switches, receptacles and other components; if you need this popular type of forklift circuit and wiring service, we are here to help.

Call TriStar Electric for Forklift Circuit and Wiring Services!

TriStar Electric is a licensed and insured warehouse electrical company with decades of experience in Maryland. We look forward to hearing from you about your warehouse electrical needs, including forklift circuit and wiring issues. Contact us now to discuss your electrical needs.

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