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LED Office Lighting Installations

Commercial office buildings are the central hub where companies collaborate and thrive. With a physical location, a company can work out its mission face-to-face. TriStar Electric helps keep office buildings up and running their best with commercial electrical services and LED office lighting installations. How can your office building save on energy costs? TriStar’s LED office lighting installations are a brilliant solution. We are always happy to visit our clients’ offices and recommend that we meet with each client to ensure that we provide them with our expertise and that they get exactly what they need.

LED Office Lighting Installation Applications

Indoor Office Lighting

How can LED office lighting installations apply to your commercial premises? No matter what time of year it is, interior office lighting will always be necessary to illuminate offices, conference rooms, hallways, lobbies, stairwells, and all key areas.

LED lighting with a color temperature of about 4000K will be ideal for any office, as it produces a cool light similar to natural sunlight. In areas of your office building where you may not have abundant natural lighting, these lights will create the comfort your employees desire.

Outdoor Office Lighting

Security lights illuminate the perimeter of a commercial office building to keep walkways and other traffic areas lit through the night. Wall packs are popular for this purpose; these lights mount to the building’s exterior wall and light up walkways and entrances. TriStar Electric installs LED wall packs with your business’s cost savings in mind.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency and exit lights stay on even if your office building’s power goes out. During a power outage, occupants use emergency and exit lights to navigate out of the building. We place LED emergency lights within overhead light fixtures in strategic areas for reliable lighting when all else fails.

LED Office Lighting Installation Benefits

Long Life

The longevity of LED lights is no secret; although many question whether LEDs can last as long as manufacturers say they can, LEDs by far surpass the lifespan of other lighting types. With proper use, LED lights can last up to ten years, far longer than HID, fluorescent, incandescent, mercury vapor, and other competitors.

Low Energy Consumption

Saving as much money as possible without cutting corners is a goal for every business. LED lights use less energy than other lighting options and emit less heat. With the money saved on energy expenses, LED lighting can save businesses thousands, if not millions, of dollars per year.

Increased Safety

Some commercial light bulbs can discharge lead or leak UV radiation if they break. The heat they produce daily can also cause burns if someone touches them accidentally. LED lights dissipate their heat through heat sinks and do not leak toxins if broken. Even though they do contain hazardous materials, their concentration is minimal.

Instant Bright Light

Older-style light bulbs take time to warm up and brighten up. LED lights provide full-bright light instantly. They produce the same brightness as other light bulbs but use up to 90% less energy to do so.

A Common Misconception of LED Lights

No one likes to sit all day in the office under a light that causes a headache or makes everything look an unnatural hue. A common misconception about LED lights is that they go bad easily; an example would be the streetlights that have gone from white light to purple. When an LED light bulb produces purple light, it is due to a manufacturing defect, not a design issue. In most cases, your LED lights will keep your office bright and comfortable. They can even take on the look of incandescent lighting if you prefer.

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TriStar Electric is proud to provide LED office lighting installations in the following Maryland counties: Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Howard, Montgomery, and Prince George’s. We also service office buildings in Washington, D.C. If you are ready to enjoy the cost savings of LED lighting, contact us today!

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