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Exit LED Lighting Upgrade Services in Elkridge

Exit LED Lighting Upgrade Services in Elkridge

At TriStar Electric, we understand how vital emergency exit LED lighting is and know the regulations and codes to ensure that yours is installed safely.

Your Elkridge area business – whether a warehouse, an office building, or some other commercial establishment – has certain things that are completely necessary for safety. One of the most visible and yet very often overlooked is exit signage. Exit signage in a building signifies that a door leads to the exterior of the building. This signage tells people which way to evacuate the building safely in an emergency. 

TriStar Electric can help you install emergency exit signage in your commercial building, or if you currently have all the signage you need already in place, we can help you upgrade it to LED. TriStar Electric is a highly professional and established commercial and residential electrical service company providing electrical services for all types of lighting in commercial buildings. Whether you need overhead lighting, security lighting, parking lot lighting, or emergency exit lighting services, you can count on us. Contact TriStar Electric today if your Maryland warehouse or office is ready for an LED upgrade.

About Exit Lighting

Exit lighting is the signage above doors that says “Exit.” These lights are constantly illuminated, even during power failures, fires, or other emergencies. These signs are designed to signify that a doorway is a route to the outside of the building. These signs must be clear, easy to understand, and precisely what is needed in low-light, low-visibility situations or when someone panics. The legal mandates that control this type of signage include: 

  • Exit signs must be legible
  • Exit signs must be lit
  • Exit signs must be at the halfway point between two fire exits
  • If the exit is not visible, a secondary exit sign must be in place

At TriStar Electric, we understand how vital emergency exit signage is and know the regulations and codes to ensure that yours is installed safely.

Do Your Exit Lights Need an Upgrade?

If you are looking for ways to make your commercial building more energy efficient, switching to LED lights wherever possible is a great choice. We are ready and able to make the changes to your building’s electrical system necessary to support a changeover to LEDs in any of your lights. If you need an upgrade to LED safety lights or emergency backup batteries (EB batteries), TriStar Electric is just a call away.

These same benefits that LED bulbs supply to new construction can also apply to older buildings. In most cases, lights and systems can be upgraded to use LED bulbs. However, this requires a professional electrician since it differs from swapping the bulb. If the old system overpowers the LED bulb, it could cause it to overheat and not last.

Call TriStar Electric for Exit LED Lighting Upgrade Services!

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