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Energy Efficient Lighting

Saving energy, along with lessening the impact on the environment and your wallet, can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Energy efficient lighting choices include the actual source of energy – the light bulb – and the fixtures and accessories. While many homeowners are interested in energy efficient lighting, getting started can be confusing.

TriStar Electric is extremely knowledgeable about energy efficient lighting. Our electricians receive constant updates about bulbs and energy fixtures that are efficient and save clients money while helping the environment.

The first area where energy efficient lighting is most accessible is the light bulb. The Energy Star rating is set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and in order for a light bulb to receive this rating, it must:

  • Save money
  • Meet strict performance requirements
  • Use 75% less energy than an incandescent light bulb
  • Produce 75% less heat than incandescent light bulb


TriStar Electric also carries energy efficient lighting accessories that include dimmer switches, recessed lighting, and lighting controls. All of these products have received Energy Star ratings and will help reduce energy use in a residence. Installation of these accessories is a TriStar specialty, and our electricians are extremely familiar with these products. Many homeowners are unaware that dimmers save energy and reduce energy costs.

Switching your home’s lighting accessories and bulbs over to energy efficient solutions can be accomplished within a short time frame. Our electricians will meet with you and determine which fixtures and accessories can be replaced. You will receive a proposal detailing all of the work we recommend, along with the parts that should be purchased.

Professional electricians who are highly experienced and fully trained will install these fixtures and accessories. We can easily dispose of the old equipment, and our electricians will leave your home exactly as they found it.

Energy efficient lighting reduces the impact of your energy use on the environment, and in the long run saves you money on your electricity bill. TriStar Electric has helped thousands of homeowners switch from traditional to energy efficient lighting.

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