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Wall Pack LED Light Installation in Columbia

Wall Pack LED Light Installation in Columbia tristar electric

TriStar Electric performs wall pack light installation and upgrade services in Columbia.

Wall pack lights are one type of outdoor security light your commercial building needs to keep its perimeter and entrances safe and visible at night. TriStar Electric performs wall pack light installation and upgrade services in Maryland and looks forward to helping you meet your wall pack lighting needs. We also perform LED wall pack light upgrades for companies looking to lower their electricity bill and gain all the benefits of LEDs.

We are happy to answer all your wall pack light questions! If you aren’t sure what size, style, wattage, or kind to get, we can help you determine your building’s wall pack light needs and implement those solutions.

About Wall Pack LED Lights

Wall pack lights are outdoor lights located on the exterior walls of buildings. They usually direct light downward onto a sidewalk, building entrance, or street. It is common to see multiple wall pack lights evenly spaced around the perimeter of a building or directly above warehouse garage doors. They light up from dusk to dawn, illuminating all low-visibility hours. They typically use a photocell to sense outdoor lighting conditions. When they detect a certain percentage of natural light, they turn either on or off. Other models might use a time clock, which turns the lights on only during specific hours.

Wall pack lights serve as a security and safety feature for commercial buildings throughout the night. They allow visitors to see during the night where they otherwise couldn’t, especially in high-traffic areas like sidewalks around the building and entrances. These lights also help to deter crime that otherwise might happen in low-light conditions.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Wall Pack LED Lights

Wall pack lights typically stay on all night, which can be longer or shorter depending on the season. With lights continually using energy every night, you want to save as much as possible on your electricity bill. The dollars can add up quickly!

Many people need to realize that they pay for watts, so it is crucial to look for commercial wall pack lights with a lower wattage but still produce the bright lighting your premises need. LED wall pack lights use fewer watts than other lighting types and can last five to ten times longer. LED lights run on their power supply (known as LED transformers or LED drivers) to provide the bulbs with the necessary voltage without interruption or issue.

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