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Trash Compactor Circuit Wiring Services In Columbia

Trash Compactor Circuit Wiring Services In Columbia

The trash compactor is far from the most stylish or interesting large industrial appliance in your commercial building. Still, it might be one of the most important, especially if your commercial enterprise is or has a warehouse. In warehouse operations, a trash compactor helps to improve overall efficiency tremendously. Most commercial trash compactors run on electricity; like most major commercial appliances, they need their circuit. Suppose you need to install a new additional trash compactor or replace an old one. In that case, you will need a skilled, professional commercial electrician to reliably and safely connect it to your existing electrical system. TriStar Electric can install a new commercial circuit and connect your trash compactor to your electrical system. We can even maintain those new circuits and the rest of your system. Contact us today for all your trash compactor circuit wiring needs in Columbia.

Understanding Your Trash Compactor Needs For Your Columbia Business

Commercial trash compactors are significant machines. They are designed to compress heavy-duty waste into tight blocks, which are easier and more efficient to store and transport out of your facility. The machine can compress down trash, including items like skids, pallets, and cardboard, much more than a person ever could. Using a commercial trash compactor improves the efficiency of trash removal while lowering the cost of sending out waste materials, and it increases the efficiency of warehouse space use. A similar piece of equipment is the cardboard compactor. If your building or warehouse deals with a lot of cardboard waste, having a commercial cardboard compactor, balers, or shredder in addition to or instead of a trash compactor might be a good choice. TriStar Electric can install new circuits and provide electrical services for commercial trash and cardboard compactors, including installing new, removing, relocating, and reconfiguring.

Trash Compactor Wiring For Columbia Warehouses

Heavy-duty commercial or industrial equipment will likely require its electrical circuit, and commercial trash compactors are no different. They have to have their dedicated circuit with an adequate electrical supply, and the circuit’s voltage has to match the voltage needs of the compactor. The electrical setup has to meet safety standards, and the outlet or a safety disconnect must be within reach of the power cable. We can ensure that your circuits are up to standards and your commercial machinery is installed safely. Our team of professionals can change the voltage if needed, properly install the wiring and connectors, and even correct any issues with safety standards in the existing setup. While safety concerns are vitally important, the correct installation of dedicated circuits and proper installation of the wiring and connections are also essential to the appropriate function of the machine to avoid damage and preserve the manufacturer’s warranty. 

Tri-Star Also Provides Other Commercial Equipment Wiring Services In Columbia

TriStar Electric is also ready to help with other commercial wiring services for your business in Columbia. There could be several different types of electric-powered equipment you might need to have installed, repaired, or moved for your business. TriStar can install circuits for and connect all your heavy-duty or industrial machines:

  • Dock Levelers: We can upgrade, unhook, or move and install circuits for dock levelers.
  • Overhead Powered Garage Doors: As part of our motor wiring services, we can install circuiting for warehouse garage doors 
  • Rooftop HVAC System Connections: We can perform electrical work for HVAC VFDs, chillers, motors, and more, and also service mini-splits, baseboards, and space heaters.

Contact TriStar Electric For Any Commercial Electrical Needs In Columbia And Beyond

TriStar can help your Columbia-area business with trash compactor installation or other commercial equipment wiring needs. We offer many commercial electrical services, including:

  • Flood/ Security Lighting
  • Office and warehouse LED lighting
  • Parking Lot Lighting
  • And More
  • Generators

For your commercial enterprise in Columbia or many areas throughout Maryland, southern PA, northern VA, and DC, call us today for a free consultation or to ask any questions! You can also follow TriStar Electric on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube!

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