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Three-Phase Transformer Installation and Connection Services in Columbia

Three-Phase Transformer Installation and Connection Services in Columbia tristar electric

TriStar Electric can perform three-phase transformer installation and connection services in the Columbia area.

Commercial buildings depend on three-phase wiring to power them. Circuits for commercial machinery, motors, lighting, and HVAC systems use three-phase power or transform from three-phase power into single-phase power. Another crucial component of any commercial building is a transformer. TriStar Electric can perform three-phase transformer installation and connection services in the Columbia area. 

How Transformers Work

Transformers are electrical devices that come in sizes large and small but perform one of two tasks: they either reduce or increase the voltage from one circuit to another. Transformers that reduce voltage are called step-down transformers, while those that increase it are called step-up transformers.

The basic construction of a transformer is two or three circuits, a magnetic core, and an AC power generator. The generator provides alternating current to the first circuit, creating an EMF (electromotive force.) The EMF also causes the second and third circuits to generate electricity, and thus, the electricity transfers from one end to the other.

Each circuit in a transformer takes on the shape of a coil. The coils wrap around the bars of an iron core to channel the most electromagnetic force to each circuit possible. The voltage of each coil depends on how many loops there are in each one: one with more loops has a higher voltage, while one with fewer loops has a lower voltage.

What are Three-Phase Transformers?

Single-phase transformers apply more to residential buildings, but three-phase transformers bring power from power plants to cities and from cities to commercial buildings and their appliances.

Three-phase transformers use three coils to lower or increase the voltage to commercial buildings. Their construction overlaps with three-phase power, which uses three circuits of AC to produce a robust electrical flow for commercial machinery. Even so, you might see three-phase transformers using three iron cores or only one iron core to connect the three coils.

Once the power reaches the commercial facility, it will have the correct voltage to power its equipment. A commercial building might also branch single-phase power from three-phase power for overhead lighting, smaller electrical devices, and other essential electrical needs.

Our Three-Phase Transformer Installation & Connections Services

At TriStar Electric, you can trust us to install or upgrade three-phase transformers and install their circuits to your appliances as you need. We can convert a transformer from single-phase to three-phase or install a three-phase transformer if you receive new equipment that requires that type of power. In summary, we are your qualified commercial electrical company, ready to perform any of these services:

  • Install three-phase transformers
  • Upgrade single-phase transformers to three phase
  • Install circuits between transformers and electrical devices

Contact TriStar Electric for three-phase transformer installation and connection services or any of your commercial electrical needs!

Call TriStar Electric for Three-Phase Transformer Installation and Connection Services!

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