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Three-Phase Motor Wiring Services in Laurel

Three-Phase Motor Wiring Services in Laurel tristar electric

TriStar Electric is your Laurel electrician for three-phase motor wiring services.

Motors and pumps are two innovative inventions that power much of today’s equipment. They are also integral components of large-scale machinery, such as HVAC systems, power plants, water pipes, overhead doors, etc. For various applications, warehouses need circuits, panels, and other wiring to power three-phase motors. And those wires must be installed and maintained by a trained professional. TriStar Electric is your Laurel electrician for three-phase motor wiring services. With over 20 years of experience in lighting and electrical services, our business guarantees quality and satisfaction. 

Contact TriStar today at 410-799-5791 or 301-384-8880 to schedule a service visit or talk to one of our lighting and electrical experts.

What is Three-Phase Motor Wiring?

A three-phase motor uses three-phase power, a grouping of three alternating currents. This type of electricity appears more in commercial settings than residential ones and is used to power larger machinery, such as warehouse trash compactors.

The three-phase motor uses three sets of coils to create an electromagnetic field that causes the rotor to rotate. The rotor attaches to an outer piece that links to a working machine part. The three sets of coils connect within an electrical terminal box, forming either a Delta or Star configuration. Whichever configuration they have, the motor’s wires connect to the three phases of the three-phase circuit.

TriStar Electric is familiar with installing the wiring for many three-phase motors. Examples include trash compactors, overhead doors, dock levelers, warehouse fans, etc. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

Commercial Three-Phase Motor Wiring in Laurel

Our three-phase motor wiring services include connecting your three-phase machinery or lighting to the building’s electrical source. This may include adding a sub-panel to connect specific pumps and motors or installing circuits to the panel or sub-panel.

If you need to relocate a motor wiring or change its voltage, we can do those jobs too. TriStar Electric has the knowledge, certification, and experience you want in a commercial electrician. Contact us for your three-phase motor wiring needs!

The TriStar Electric Guarantee

When you call TriStar Electric for your electrical needs, you never have to call another company again!

We Provide Professional Service

Our employees at TriStar Electric have years of experience and knowledge. We employ master electricians to assist our field techs with questions and installation procedures. This knowledge and experience are resources that place TriStar above the competition.

Regardless of our service, you can be sure that our employees will show up on time, wearing the TriStar uniform and driving a company vehicle. Before one of our technicians begins work, he will take the time to prepare the area correctly, which reduces the possibility of damage to your property. When the project is finished, we ensure the work area looks better than when we arrived!

Coupons and Discounts for Laurel Customers

Financial considerations shouldn’t be a barrier to your comfort and safety. That’s why we offer coupons and discounts to our customers, making it easier for you to finance your electrical systems without compromising on quality. Some of the deals we offer include:

  • One free home electrical inspection with report.
  • 1 Year of Free Maintenance with the purchase of any special order generator installation package!
  • $25 OFF Main Panel Surge Protection
  • 10% OFF First-Time Customer (Up To $50)

Contact TriStar today at 410-799-5791 or 301-384-8880 to learn more about our deals!

Additional Commercial Electrical Services from TriStar Electric

TriStar Electric is a licensed and insured company you can trust to handle your commercial electrical needs. We provide many electrical services for commercial offices and warehouses, including:

  • Lighting
  • Modular Furniture Wiring
  • Equipment Wiring
  • Time Clocks
  • Office Circuits
  • Exit Signs
  • Generators
  • Emergency & Backup Lighting (EBU)
  • Outdoor Dusk to dusk-to-dawn lighting
  • Temporary Power Systems for Temporary Office or Construction Trailers

Call TriStar Electric for Three-Phase Motor Wiring Services!

TriStar Electric is a licensed and insured warehouse electrical company with decades of experience in Maryland. We look forward to hearing from you about your warehouse electrical needs, including forklift circuit and wiring issues. Contact us now at 410-799-5791 or 301-384-8880 or to discuss your electrical needs.

We proudly provide our services to Silver Spring and many areas throughout Maryland and southern PA, northern VA, and DC. Call us today for a free consultation or to ask any questions!  You can also follow TriStar Electric on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube!

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