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Tesla EV Charger Installation Services In Laurel

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We specialize in Tesla EV Charger installations.

Tesla EV Charger Installation Services In Laurel

Maryland may be a relatively small state, but the commuters in this state still put a lot of miles on their cars every year. Part of this may be because many beautiful communities, like Laurel, in Maryland exist. And these communities are all generally commutable to major metropolitan or business areas like Baltimore, Annapolis, and DC, which is true even from the other side of the bay. When driving a gas-fueled vehicle, all those miles add up in terms of cost, both environmentally and fiscally. You’re putting a big hurt on your wallet when you’re paying for that much gasoline, and the carbon footprint of your activities is enormous. Buying a Tesla as your primary vehicle is one great way to cut both costs. Driving a Tesla also has a lot of other benefits, and it can be effortless to change to an EV lifestyle when you install a charging circuit in your home. TriStar Electric can help with that! Call us at (410) 799-5791 or (301) 384-8880 to schedule a free appointment or to learn more about EV charger installation in Laurel.

Save Money By Driving A Tesla In Laurel

Buying a Tesla may feel like a significant expenditure, but it is an investment in future savings. Over time, driving an EV, like a Tesla, will save you money. The most obvious way a Tesla can cut your budget is the cost of gas. Gasoline prices are high and are rising more elevated every day. There is also a cost associated with charging an EV battery, but the cost to charge a battery is considerably less than filling a gas tank. A report from Energy Saver showed that the average price to charge a Tesla entirely is $15.52, with the cost ranging from $10.95 to $18.30, depending on the model. Even with the very generous assumption that the average gas-powered car gets 25 miles per gallon (the average for new vehicles in 2021), that is still about 13 cents per mile – almost triple the cost to drive a gas-powered car the exact miles! Tesla drivers also save money by not having to shell out for oil changes, emission testing, and other types of maintenance. Teslas are also very safe, with advanced safety features, like automatic stopping with collision detection and blindspot warning. 

Home Charging Makes Tesla Ownership Easier In Laurel

One of the only headaches about Tesla or EV ownership is that charging a battery takes longer than filling up a gas tank. If you’re running late for work and you see that you’re on empty, it doesn’t wreck your day to have to swing into a gas station for a quick minute. Charging your EV battery takes longer. This issue quickly becomes a non-issue if you have a charging circuit installed in your home – no more having to stop to charge your vehicle. When you have a home charging circuit, you can even charge overnight when you sleep, sometimes saving even more money (if your electricity provider offers off-peak rates). At TriStar Electric, we make installing these Tesla charging circuits easy for you. We can give you a fair quote, including the work that may need to be done to bring your electrical system up to where it needs to be to support the increased draw of a charging unit.

Keep TriStar Electric In Mind For Other Residential Electrical Needs In Laurel

Even if you need more time to be ready to install a Tesla charging circuit in your home, TriStar Electric can still be of service. We can handle a vast range of residential electrical issues. We are happy to come to your Laurel home or anywhere else in Maryland for an easy quote and friendly service.


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