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Tesla EV Charger Installation Services In Fulton

EV ChargersTesla EV Charger Installation Services In Fulton

Fulton is so much more than just a suburb of Baltimore, and the folks who live and work there know it. This area of Howard County is vibrant, with welcoming communities and space for many different types of businesses. It is also home to beautiful outdoor areas, like Rocky Gorge Reservoir. Suppose you’re living or working in Fulton. In that case, you may be considering how to decrease your carbon footprint or become more “green” in your lifestyle or business operations. The shift to an electric vehicle, like a Tesla, is an excellent way for individuals and businesses to do just that. At TriStar Electric, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you make that shift as easy as possible. Call TriStar Electric’s team of master electricians at (410) 799-5791 or (301) 384-8880 to schedule a free appointment or to learn more about EV charger installation for Fulton residents and businesses.

Businesses and Residents In Fulton Realize Benefits Of Tesla Ownership

The primary reason that most people consider investing in an EV is the savings on fuel. Energy Sage has reported that the average cost to charge a Tesla is $13.96 (based on model years 2021 and 22), and as newer models come out, their energy efficiency should continue to improve. That article concluded that the highest cost to “fill up” could reach for charging your Tesla is about $18.30, depending on the model and average price of energy. That’s considerably less than the average to fill the tank on a gas-fueled car (typically upwards of $30 easily). Plus, even at that highest cost, that is an average of less than 5 cents per mile, and with the generous assumption that your gas-fueled vehicle gets 25 miles per gallon at $3.50/gallon, you’re spending about 14 cents for every mile – that’s almost triple the cost of fueling a Tesla. Imagine those savings on your fleet vehicles! 

On top of those savings on fueling your vehicle, you will also save on ownership costs since Teslas are low maintenance. This means no oil changes, spark plugs, or filter replacements and no emission checks. You could even save on brake pads since regenerative braking helps them last longer. Teslas are also very safe vehicles, with blind spot cameras and collision detection management systems that allow you to stop safely when the car senses something in your way. Finally, Tesla ownership is also an environmentally-friendly choice. 

Additionally, in 2020 alone, Tesla’s ownership accounted for a decrease of 5 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Tesla is setting up a system to recycle all its old batteries to decrease waste further. This is an excellent move for your business if environmental-friendliness is part of your brand.

TriStar Can Do More Than Just EV Chargers In Fulton

TriStar Electric is ready and willing to be your one-stop shop for electrical and lighting solutions. We love installing EV chargers and helping people shift to an EV lifestyle, but we also have you covered for other electrical issues in your home or business. Here are a few of the many electrical services we can offer:

  • Energy Efficient/LED lighting
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Residential and commercial electrical maintenance contracts
  • Heavy ups and panel box upgrades
  • Generac generator installation
  • Residential and commercial flood lighting
  • Residential and commercial security lighting
  • Surge Protection

We also service many other areas in Maryland, not just Fulton. Call us today to find out what we can do for you!

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