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Tesla EV Charger Installation In Severna Park

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We specialize in Tesla EV Charger installations.

Tesla EV Charger Installation In Severna Park

Residents of Severna Park, MD, know that it is an ideal place to live if you’re working in (but don’t want to live in) nearby economic hubs like Baltimore, DC, or Annapolis. The commute to any of these nearby cities isn’t exceedingly long, but it can be painful to the wallet when gas prices rise. Additionally, residents of an area bordered by two waterways know the value of caring for the environment. If we don’t care for it now, the effects of our impact on the environment will continue to mount. Conveniently, there’s a solution that can address both of these issues for people in Severna Park and beyond switch to an electric vehicle (EV) like a Tesla. Call TriStar Electric’s team of master electricians at (410) 799-5791 or (301) 384-8880 to schedule a free appointment or to learn more about EV charger installation in Severna Park.

Tesla Ownership Has Many Benefits For Severna Park Residents

While buying a new, fairly expensive car, like an EV, might not seem like a good way to address your budget, it is an investment in long-term savings. Energy Sage reports that the average cost to charge a Tesla is $13.96, based on model years 2021 and 2022. And as newer models come out, energy efficiency is only going to improve. That article concluded that the highest that cost you could reach for charging your Tesla was $18.30, depending on the model – even at that highest cost, that is an average of less than 5 cents per mile. Compare that to what it costs to fill up a gas-powered car. Even with the generous assumption that your gas-fueled vehicle gets 25 miles per gallon, at $3.50/gallon, you’re spending about 14 cents for every mile – that’s almost triple the cost of fueling a Tesla. On top of those savings on fueling your vehicle, you will also save on costs of ownership since Tesla’s are very low maintenance: no oil changes, no spark plug or filter replacements, and no emission checks – you’ll even save on brake pads since regenerative braking helps them last longer. 

The many benefits of Tesla ownership aren’t just financial. Tesla’s are also very safe vehicles, with blind spot cameras and collision detection management systems that help you stop safely when the car senses something in your way. Finally, Tesla ownership is also an environmentally-friendly choice. Zero-emission vehicles may not be the perfect solution, but they get us closer than we’ve ever been before. Additionally, in 2020 alone, Tesla’s ownership accounted for a decrease of 5 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, and Tesla is setting up a system that will recycle all of its old batteries to further decrease waste.

TriStar Can Install Residential Chargers And More For Severna Park Residents

TriStar Electric makes it easy to install chargers in your home to charge your Tesla on your own schedule. When you have your Tesla charging circuit installed at home, you no longer have to plan stops at charging locations. You can charge at night (when you might find the added benefit of lower off-peak energy prices) or any other time when you’re already at home for an extended period. Our team can come out to your Severna Park home and assess it to make sure that your current electrical systems can handle the increased load of your Tesla charging circuit. Once you decide you want one, we are Tesla-certified to install it for you. 

Even if you don’t choose to install a Tesla charging circuit in your Severna Park home, you should still keep TriStar Electric’s number on your phone! We can handle any residential electrical issues you have in Severna Park and throughout Maryland

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