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Outdoor Dusk to Dawn Lighting Timer Control Installation in Hanover

Outdoor Dusk to Dawn Lighting Timer Control Installation in Hanover tristar electric

If you need brand-new circuiting and installation of dusk-to-dawn lighting or an upgrade to LED versions, TriStar Electric is happy to help you achieve quality, energy-efficient results.

Commercial buildings such as warehouses, offices, medical centers, and other facilities must maintain well-lit premises overnight. Nighttime illumination also benefits from streets, parking lots, and other public areas. Outdoor lighting helps to deter crime and provides safe navigation even after operating hours. Dusk-to-dawn lighting is the term for this type of exterior lighting; with TriStar Electric, your commercial property, parking lot, or public area can take advantage of professional dusk-to-dawn lighting timer installation services.

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Dusk to Dawn Lighting Timer Controls Installation Services

TriStar Electric’s trained and experienced electricians can install dusk to dawn circuits, timer controls, and lighting fixtures. Applications for dusk to dawn lighting include the following:

  • Security lights
  • Parking lot lights
  • Pole lights
  • Flood lights
  • Motion detecting lights

If you need brand-new circuiting and installation of dusk-to-dawn lighting or an upgrade to LED versions, TriStar Electric is happy to help you achieve quality, energy-efficient results.

Dusk to Dawn Lighting: How It Works

Dusk-to-dawn lighting uses a photocell or time clock to control when outdoor lighting activates during nighttime hours. Unless it is a motion-detecting light, the bulb will produce light throughout the night through a timer control. Dusk-to-dawn lights apply to building entrances, building perimeters, public pathways, roads, and other public areas. Naturally, they are only applicable outdoors.

Timer Controls

A time clock is a dial connected to one or more lights that must be set manually. To operate the lights, set the start and stop tabs to the appropriate hours, turn the time clock on, and let it run.

Photocells are preferred between the two types of dusk-to-dawn lighting timer controls. They work in tune with the setting and rising of the sun, so your premises will have sufficient lighting exactly when visitors need it. With a time clock, you will need to change the timing manually to adjust for daylight savings and changing seasons. With a photocell, you have less work to do.

Benefits of Dusk-to-Dawn Lighting

LED dusk-to-dawn lighting with photocell timer controls allows commercial properties, streets, and parking lots to maximize electricity consumption. LED lights use far less energy than other types of lighting, such as halogen, fluorescent, or incandescent bulbs. Moreover, they last several years at a time. One can control a photocell’s light sensitivity, so they always come on when most timely.

The TriStar Electric Guarantee

When you call TriStar Electric for your electrical needs, you never have to call another company again!

We Provide Professional Service

Our employees at TriStar Electric have years of experience and knowledge. We employ master electricians to assist our field techs with questions and installation procedures. This knowledge and experience are resources that place TriStar above the competition.

Regardless of the service we provide, you can be sure that our employees will show up on time, wearing the TriStar uniform and driving a company vehicle. Before one of our technicians begins work, he will take the time to prepare the area correctly, which reduces the possibility of damage to your property. When the project is finished, we ensure the work area looks better than when we arrived!

Hanover Businesses Trust Us

TriStar Electric strives to provide each client with personalized customer service. We review the project with each client, make suggestions, and provide advice resulting from thousands of hours in the field. We aim to provide the proper lighting and electrical solution for your project.

We use the latest tools and technology when working on your home or business. Complementing our expertise are quality parts from dependable vendors. TriStar Electric believes that a good job begins with great parts and materials.

Other Areas We Service: 

At TriStar Electric, we proudly extend our services beyond Silver Spring, MD, ensuring that our expertise in electrical and lighting is available throughout the surrounding areas: 

  • Laurel
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