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Generac Home Generator Installations Rockville

Tri Star Electric Generac Installations

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Generac Home Generator Installations Rockville

Do you work from home? Or spend a lot of time enjoying your Rockville, Maryland, home? If so, then a power outage would be disruptive. Any time is an excellent time to invest in a Generac home generator. You can count on TriStar Electric to install the best standby generator for your home, regardless of your home’s size or how much energy you use. Be prepared for the next power failure by calling (410) 799-5791 or (301) 384-8880. We also encourage you to explore the website to see our services. 

Generac Generators Rockville

There are innumerable benefits associated with having a Generac home generator installed in your home. As you call the electric utility company to report the outage, you’ll no longer have to worry about your refrigerator warming up, the freezer thawing, or your basement flooding because the sump pump no longer works. Since 1959, Generac has built the most reliable, durable, efficient, and eco-friendly generators and power systems. An outage isn’t a significant convenience if it only happens for a few hours. You could light a few candles and use flashlights to play board games or charades for a few hours. However, when an outage stretches into hours or days, problems worsen and become more severe. During heavy rainstorms, basement flooding can also become an issue. Then, after a few hours, the safety of food becomes questionable. 

Fortunately, Generac generators can save the day and add a lot of convenience to your life during an emergency. 

Backup Generators Rockville

Here are the benefits of installing a Generac backup generator in your home. 

Safety and Reliability

Our Generac home generator installations will meet all local building, fire, and National Electrical Codes. The generator our electricians install will automatically work with your panel, heating, air conditioning, lights, and other appliances. Electrical connections will operate with your circuit breaker panel to eliminate many hazards. Additionally, our team will place the generator in a way that ensures no exhaust fumes enter the home, eliminating the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Operable in Any Weather

Weather won’t impact the functionality of Generac generators. They will start and run in any weather, including hurricanes, windstorms, ice storms, rainstorms, and sleet. You can even depend on your backup generator when an overloaded electrical grid succumbs to a heatwave during the summer. Moreover, you never have to go outside and face inclement weather to turn on your generator. It will automatically turn on when the power goes out and off once it restores. Most homeowners prefer automatic electrical backup systems. However, our electricians also install manual electric backup systems

Runs on Natural Gas or LP with no Need to Refuel

Generators need fuel to operate. Fortunately, fuel isn’t much of an issue with a standby generator. Generac home generators run on natural gas from municipal lines or LP (propane) gas from your home tank. On natural gas, you’ll have a virtually unlimited supply. However, how much LP supply you’ll have depends on your propane tank’s size. However, you can expect at least a week or two of operation. Hopefully, the power outage wouldn’t last that long. 

Residential Electricians Rockville

TriStar Electric has over two decades of experience providing the best electrical solutions to Montgomery County residents. Are you not interested in having backup power for your home but still need a reliable electrical company? If so, you can trust us to handle all your electrical needs, including the following: 

  • Residential electrical maintenance contracts 
  • Electrical heating 
  • Surge protection 
  • Residential lighting services: deck, recessed, landscape, under-cabinet, kitchen, LED, and custom lighting 
  • Outlet replacement
  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Hot tub & spa wiring 
  • Electric vehicle charger installation 
  • Smoke & CO detector installation 
  • So much more! 

Do you not reside in Montgomery County? If not, here is a look at the many areas we serve

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