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Emergency Backup LED Lighting Installation in Odenton

Emergency Backup LED Lighting Installation in Odenton tristar electric

TriStar Electric is your trusted electrical partner for installing LED emergency backup lighting in Odenton.

In an emergency, be it a significant event like a fire or a minor one like a power outage, your commercial building has emergency backup lighting. Emergency backup lighting illuminates the safest way out of the building. The lights that guide people to safety are an essential part of a building’s emergency plan, and opting for LED lighting ensures that your backup lighting is the best safety lighting you can install. TriStar Electric is here to be your trusted electrical partner for installing LED emergency backup lighting in Odenton.

Benefits Of Emergency Backup Lighting For Your Odenton Business

The most prominent part of a commercial building’s emergency lighting design is the exit signs that differentiate the exterior exit doors from those that do not lead to the outside. But those are not the only emergency lights. Commercial buildings are required to have complete emergency lighting as well, and that lighting is designed to turn on as soon as the building loses power. The emergency lighting system should have path lighting in hallways, stairwells, and lighting above doors, all with EBUs (external backups), so the lighting always has power. Emergency lights should be in any areas where occupants might get trapped or lost without illumination, including:

  • Hallways
  • Stairwells
  • Restrooms
  • Along efficient exit paths
  • Exit signs

Why LEDs Are Best For Emergency Lighting

LED lighting is the current best solution for maintaining effective emergency backup lights. Since LEDs require less energy to generate the same illumination, they put less strain on emergency backup batteries. LEDs also don’t shatter, making them safer in an emergency when the environment could be volatile. Finally, LEDs last significantly longer than other types of lighting, making them a wise financial choice and a good safety one – you have less worry about them burning out unexpectedly. It is time to upgrade if your emergency lighting uses anything other than LEDs. Have a professional electrician boost your emergency lighting as soon as possible and start reaping the many benefits of LEDs.

Emergency Backup LED Lighting Installation from TriStar Electric

Do you need emergency backup LED lighting installation services for your new commercial building? You can rely on the knowledge, experience, and integrity of TriStar Electric for your emergency backup lighting needs. The quality and placement of your EBUs must adhere to specific codes, which TriStar Electric will follow.

Call TriStar Electric for Emergency Backup LED Lighting Installation!

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