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Commercial Occupancy Sensor Lighting Services In Jessup

commercial occupancy sensor Commercial Occupancy Sensor Lighting Services In Jessup

You put a lot of energy and effort into running your business or managing your commercial properties in Jessup. Still, there is no denying the truth that the landscape of the industry has changed since the pandemic. Nowhere is that clearer than when considering commercial office space and occupancy. Before the pandemic, the typical office space rented out would often have close to full occupancy. Nowadays, many businesses routinely have closer to 50 percent occupancy on any given day, even those not struggling with hiring and staffing problems. Other commercial settings have similar patterns – even for businesses where none of the employees are remote, there are times when a specific part of a building might not be in use at all. While it is crucial for the lighting in all aspects of the building to be operational for safety, the unoccupied parts don’t need to be fully lit when they’re not in use. Lighting up the unused portions of a building is a waste of electricity and a waste of money. TriStar Electric can help you avoid this with commercial occupancy sensor lighting. 

How Commercial Occupancy Sensor Lighting Works For Jessup Businesses

Commercial occupancy sensor lighting uses sensors, typically mounted on the walls or the ceiling, to sense occupancy based on movement. For this reason, occupancy sensor lighting is also called motion-detecting or motion-sensing lighting. PIR technology – pyroelectric (passive) infrared sensing – allows the occupancy sensor lighting to work. The PIR sensors detect infrared heat when a person walks into the room, and they send the “turn on” signal to the lights via a transmitter. The lights go off only if the sensors don’t sense additional movement for a set period. 

This type of lighting has both interior and exterior applications. Indoors, occupancy sensor lighting is most common in hallways, stairwells, and restrooms, but it is also helpful for certain other rooms that have periods each day when they are unoccupied. Outdoors, the most common use for this type of lighting, is for motion-detecting dawn-to-dusk lighting. This is typically safety and security lighting designed only to go on when daylight has faded to a certain percentage. Some dusk-to-dawn lighting is constantly on all night, but it can also be motion-activated to save energy. These lights also use a photocell and PIR technology to activate lighting at night. 

Commercial Occupancy Sensor Lighting Services For Jessup-Area Businesses

TriStar Electric can provide all of the services related to occupancy sensor lighting, including installation, upgrading, and circuiting. We can install sensors and additional lighting fixtures where you want to control lighting based on occupancy. Since any lighting in your building has to connect to the nearest circuit with the appropriate voltage for the fixture, we can install additional circuits as needed and place them in the areas that provide your business with the most significant benefit. If your commercial space has only old fixtures and lights, we can also help you upgrade them to LED lighting and occupancy sensor lighting. 

Benefits Of LED Commercial Occupancy Sensor Lighting For Jessup Businesses

Installing commercial occupancy sensor lighting provides many benefits to your business, including:

  • Improved Safety: Outdoor motion-sensing lights allow visitors to navigate the premises safely.
  • Crime Deterrence: Commercial occupancy sensor lights will illuminate potential crimes before they happen. Once the light turns on, intrusion or vandalism is less likely to occur.
  • Energy Savings: Pay for only the lighting you need rather than 24-hour usage.
  • Extended Life for Your Lights: When your lights are turned on for only some hours of the day, they will last longer. 

Choosing LED lights for your occupancy sensor lighting makes even more sense. LED lights already last longer and use less energy (therefore costing less), but when you couple them with occupancy sensing technology, you get even more out of those lights. All new commercial buildings use LED lighting by default for these benefits, so choosing them for your new occupancy sensor lighting is smart. And if your property already uses occupancy-sensing lighting, we can help you to save even more by upgrading them to LEDs.

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