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Commercial Occupancy Sensor Lighting in Hanover

Commercial Occupancy Sensor Lighting in Hanover tristar electric

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In today’s work-from-home environment, office buildings do not have the same level of occupancy that they once had. Even in an office setting where all employees come to work, not all parts of the building are used at all times. Lighting is essential for safely navigating rooms and performing tasks, but the electricity bills can add up. TriStar Electric’s commercial occupancy sensor lighting services can save your building more money. For over thirty years, we’ve delivered high-quality occupancy sensor lighting to Hanover offices. 

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Understanding Commercial Occupancy Sensor Lighting 

Commercial occupancy sensor lighting is installed on the walls or ceilings and can have indoor or outdoor applications. Indoors can illuminate hallways, restrooms, stairwells, and specific rooms. Outdoors, they light up building perimeters, entrances, and parking lots. Other terms for these efficient lights include motion-detecting and motion-sensing lights.

Commercial occupancy sensors use PIR technology—pyroelectric (passive) infrared sensing. They detect infrared heat and send a signal to turn the light on through a transmitter. When a person walks into a room, the light turns on and only turns off if it does not sense movement after a set time. For example, if the sensor does not register activity after fifteen minutes, it will turn off.

Commercial Occupancy Sensor Lighting in Hanover

TriStar Electric can circulate, install, and upgrade commercial occupancy sensor lighting. All lighting must connect to the nearest panel through circuits that carry the appropriate voltage for the lighting fixture; at TriStar, our team can install the correct circuits and place them where most beneficial.

We also install occupancy sensor lighting and can upgrade your buildings’ older lighting fixtures with LED motion-detecting lights for the most savings possible. With this upgrade, building occupants can have adequate lighting where and when needed without wasting energy.

Benefits of Commercial Occupancy Sensor Lighting 

  • Improve Safety: Outdoor motion-sensing lights allow visitors to navigate the premises safely.
  • Deter Crime: Commercial occupancy sensor lights will illuminate potential crimes before they happen. Once the light turns on, intrusion or vandalism is less likely to occur.
  • Save Energy: Pay for only the lighting you need rather than 24-hour usage.
  • Extend the Life of Your Lights: When your lights are turned on at only some hours of the day, they will last much longer. This is true even for LED lights, which can already last several years.

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