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TriStar Electric is the Proud New Parent of a Highway!

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Here’s to keeping our roads beautiful!

If you’ve ever driven or have been in a car at some point in your life, chances are you’ve noticed the “Adopt-a-Highway” signs that are peppered alongside the road. The program is a promotional campaign undertaken by Maryland, and other U.S. states and territories, to encourage volunteers to keep a section of a highway free from litter. When a company or group “adopts” a highway, they are taking a pledge to maintain it regularly. TriStar is proud to have adopted multiple Maryland highways. Perhaps you’ll spot our name on your daily commute.

Keeping Our Roads Clean

An attractive highway creates a positive image of the area and maintains a higher quality of life for any indigenous animals that may inhabit the area. “By partnering with the community to reduce litter along roads, more resources are available to protect the environment in other ways,” said State Highway Administration Administrator Melinda B. Peters. “Not only does it help maintain the beauty of Maryland, but clear roads contribute to keeping roads safe for travelers, promoting tourism and supporting economic development. Each of us has a role in keeping Maryland roads free of litter, so whether traveling as a pedestrian, cyclist or driver, placing trash in its proper place is an easy way to support the environment.”

Doing Our Part

At TriStar Electric, we feel it is our duty and privilege to take care of our customers and the area they live. By joining the Adopt-a-Highway program, we’re taking one step closer to initiating clean business practices. We hope that we can encourage others to leave every place better than how they found it!

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