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Does your Home’s Electrical Grounding System Need to be Updated?

Dangerous Electricity Situation

Avoid a dangerous electrical problem!

If you don’t thoroughly understand the importance of electrical grounding and bonding in your home, you’re not alone. Many homeowners take this particular safety precaution for granted even though it’s one of the most important aspects of any safe home. So what exactly is proper bonding and grounding, and why is it important?

Electrical Bonding and Grounding, Explained

The electrical grounding system on your house provides a path between your home’s service box and the earth. The grounding system’s main purpose is to divert charges from the lighting strikes and built up static electricity.

For example, if lightning strikes near the utility’s transformer, some of the energy may be transferred to the home’s electrical system. With properly installed grounding, the energy has to safe path to go. When grounding is not set in place, tragedies can occur such as damaged equipment and electrocution.

Have Your Electrical System Updated

In many cases, the electrical grounding system needs to be updated because the electrodes and ground wires have become corroded or damaged. When this occurs, the electrical charge will not be effectively dissipated. Instead, it can travel into your home, as previously mentioned, via electrical wires. This phenomenon can cause extreme damage and fires.

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