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Tips for Getting Your Backup Generator Ready for Winter

Tips for Getting Your Backup Generator Ready for Winter

Before the temperatures bottom out, it is important to make sure your backup generator is ready.

Fall is here in Maryland, and the cooling air reminds us that winter’s ice, snow, and bitter cold aren’t far off. Before the temperatures bottom out, it is important to make sure your backup generator is ready. Performing any necessary maintenance now will save you from having to venture out in the cold to do it during the winter. A properly maintained backup generator will ensure your home doesn’t lose power during those awful winter storms.

Clean it Up

No matter what time of year it is, keeping the area around your backup generator clean and free of debris is always important. This time of year, you should look out for leaves and small sticks. These things can get caught in the generator’s air flow vents. Proper air flow is essential to proper function for your backup generator, as it prevents overheating.

Replace Plugs, Filters, and Oil

While the weather is still pretty mild, you should go out and inspect your backup generator to see if there is any fuel, oil, filters, or plugs that need attention. If you’re not sure what you’re looking at, please don’t hesitate to call in the generator professionals at TriStar Electric will make sure your generator is in tip top shape.

Stock Necessary Supplies

You keep your pantry stocked with plenty of food year-round so you always have enough. It is important to do the same with standby generator supplies. If you’ve always got an extra bottle of oil or two, you won’t need to worry about running out when you need it most.

Run It

Once you think you’ve done everything necessary, the best way to figure out if your standby generator is working properly is to turn it on. Let it run for a minute or two while you listen closely for any noises that sound a bit off. If anything sounds even a little bit off, call TriStar Electric and we will get it fixed up right away!

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