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This Winter, Reduce Energy Costs With Your Ceiling Fans


Stay warm this winter with a ceiling fan!

This summer, you sat outside with a drink in your hand and listened to the gentle hum of the crickets as the sun set late in the evening. You took dips into the cool water of the pool, and rest your feet in the grass. The word summer is synonymous with lightning bugs, late nights, and slowly rotating ceiling fans. But did you know that your ceiling fan is beneficial during the winter months as well?

Change the Direction

In the summer, cool air collects near the floor while hot air rises to the ceiling. The blades of a ceiling fan push air down, which forces the cool air near the floor to move outward and stir the air at the edges of the room. This circulation and movement of air can help a room feel up to four degrees cooler. This means that using your ceiling fan allows you to keep the central air set at a higher temperature, ultimately saving you money during those scorching summer months.

The same principles that apply to summer fan usage also help you save warm in the winter while saving you money as well.  Check your ceiling fan for a switch that allows you to change the setting to rotate reverse/clockwise. This reverse mode pulls air up toward the ceiling, driving the warm air that has risen naturally back down and around the edges of the room.

Endless Benefits

Ceiling fans are a style driven accessory, and come in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes to complement your unique interior style. They can serve as a statement piece or focal point of a room. They provide beautiful and functional light that you can adjust to your preferred color temperature. Select a fan with a built-in light, or easily install a fan light kit, for general illumination benefits.


Whether you want a ceiling fan installed in your home or outside, TriStar Electric can take care of your project quickly and efficiently. It all starts with a home visit. Our expert electricians will examine your home and recommend the right size fan depending on the size and shape of the room.

TriStar Electric’s electricians are highly experienced.  They’ll make sure that the fan is securely installed and properly balanced before they leave your home.

If you have any questions about Ceiling Fan Installation from your Maryland Electrician, please contact TriStar Electric by calling 410-799-5791 or 301-384-8880 or fill out the contact form on our website. Our electricians can provide you with a competitive quote that covers every stage of the process – from installation to final testing.

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