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Electricity While Traveling: What Adapter Do You Need?


What kind of adapter should you bring with you while traveling to ensure you’ve always got enough electricity to keep you up-and-running?

There are few things more wonderful than getting the chance to explore the world and fill up the pages of your passport. But before you go, do you have the adapters and converters you need to keep your appliances and devices running while on your trip? It’s likely that you’ll have more than a few items that need to be charged or plugged in on your trip, and you don’t want to be without once you arrive! 

Know Your Options  

One of the first things you should do when you’re planning your itinerary is to check what type of plugs and voltage the country you will be visiting use. You might be surprised to learn; there are a very wide range of outlet styles out there. If you are visiting several countries that use different plugs, a universal adapter may be useful. However, universal adapters can be very large and bulky; if you can avoid them, it will save you significant space for souvenirs. Singe region adaptors are often more cost-effective, so it will likely benefit you just to get one for the country or region you will be in. 

Electrical Adaptor vs. Voltage Converter  

The next thing you need to consider is whether you will need an adaptor or a converter as well. If the voltage in a country is higher than what your appliance is rated for it may cause it to break or malfunction. Before you begin your trip, look up what the standard voltage for the country is and then check your appliances to see if they will be okay, many devices are safe within a range of voltages. Otherwise, you may need to invest in a converter as well. 

Don’t Leave Adaptors for Last 

Almost everything is more expensive at the airport and adaptors, in particular, will always be overpriced. In addition, they may simply not have the adaptor or convertor you need, making it a risky move to wait. 

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