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Ceiling Fans: Energy Efficient Airflow & Lighting

Everyone is looking forward to spring and summer. You get to drive to the beach, enjoy the nice weather, take a vacation, and pay an electric bill that’s 10 times higher. Wait—one of those doesn’t fit! Running the AC constantly is a real energy drain, and having a bill like that come once a month tends to put a damper on warm weather festivities.Customer Service Starts with Rigorous Employee Training

Ceiling fans are energy efficient

The main problem with window units and houses with central air is maximizing airflow. It can pump the cool air in, but some help from a ceiling fan would improve the process. Proper circulation minimizes the stress on your AC, reducing energy consumption and lowering your energy bill. In addition, the fan itself is quite energy efficient, and if operated on high speed will use less than $0.10 per day on average.

Decorative lighting

In addition to their energy efficiency, ceiling fans are also a much more aesthetic form of light fixture. Many feature energy star labels, signaling their low energy consumption, while still having a very nice look. The lighting from a ceiling fan fixture is often a homeowner’s favorite, as the central location provides a convenient way to light the entire room.

Ceiling fans are useful all year-round

Don’t believe that if you have a ceiling fan installed, it will only be useful for a few months out of the year. Ceiling fans also have a great use in the winter. During the winter when your heater is running, the warm air will tend to stick around your ceilings. If you remember to switch the rotation of the blades, the fan will suck air up instead of blowing air down, and disperse this warmer air around our home. This benefits you much the same way as in the summer, by making your home more comfortable and lowering your energy costs.

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