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The Advantages of LED Pool Lighting

tristar electric LED pool lighting

Learn what advantages LED pool lighting can bring to your home swimming pool.

If you have a swimming pool without LED lighting, you’re missing out on some of the fun of owning a pool. By adding bright, beautiful lighting, you can make your pool a place to cool off and relax even after the sun goes down. Adding LED pool lighting can do a lot to not only improve your enjoyment of your pool but save you money and boost the appearance of your backyard oasis. Read on to learn more about what LED pool lights can bring to your backyard. 

Brighter Lights

The visible light produced by a light bulb is measured in lumens. An LED pool light can throw about 1,400 to 1,750 lumens which is about the same as a 100-watt incandescent light bulb. Some LED lights may provide even more lumens than that. However, LED lighting is especially energy-efficient, so while the lumens may be the same, less wattage is used.

Less Energy and Heat

Because of the lower wattage LED pool lighting uses, these LED lights use a fraction of the power of an incandescent bulb. Additionally, LED lights do not produce heat the way incandescent lighting does, so you can enjoy the same brightness as traditional bulbs without spending more on energy or producing potentially dangerous heat. The reduced heat also means that your LED bulbs will last longer. 

A World of Color

LED pool lighting is available in various colors. This means you can alternate your pool lighting whenever you feel like it and produce a gorgeous and ambient poolside scene. 

Durable Lighting

In addition to increased energy efficiency, LED pool lighting also provides increased longevity. The average incandescent bulb lasts around a year. An LED pool light can produce the same amount of light as that bulb but can last for several years. This is especially useful for pool lighting, which you will likely use for long stretches of time.

Lower Usage Costs

The costs of pool maintenance are already a significant investment. Why not save money where you can? Due to their lower-than-average wattage, LED pool lighting costs pennies a day to operate. You may pay more for LED lights up front, but you will quickly recoup what you spent through energy savings and long-lasting light installations.

Increased Safety

The beautiful appearance of your LED pool lighting is already enough to entice most homeowners to add this feature to their pool. Fortunately, these lights aren’t just stylish, but safe too. Adding pool lighting to your pool and the surrounding pool landscaping will help people avoid slipping into your pool while simultaneously creating a warm ambiance. 

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