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Square D Panels and Breakers

TriStar Electric has been in business for more than two decades, and we know that professional service backed with knowledge and experience is crucial to success. The other ingredient is using parts that are reliable and professionally designed and built. That is why we use and install Square D panels and circuit breakers.

Square D has been in business since 1903, and for more than a century the company has built reliable circuit breakers and panels that are used for residential and commercial buildings. In addition to being well built, the company’s circuit breakers have an excellent reputation for safety.

A circuit breaker plays an integral role in any electrical system. Its basic job is to protect the electrical circuit from damage when an overload or a short circuit occurs. When this happens, the breaker is automatically switched off, which immediately breaks the current.

If your home’s circuit breaker or panel needs to be replaced or upgraded, TriStar Electric can easily handle the job. Before we begin, we review your home’s electrical system to ensure there are no other areas that require attention. The other part of our visit will be used to discuss the project with you, and carefully outline what to expect.

Depending upon the size of your house and the usage, we will order the correct Square D panel or circuit breaker. In many cases, we will have the product in our inventory, which reduces the amount of project time spent waiting for a Square D part to arrive.

Expert electricians will install your Square D circuit breaker or panel, and follow the TriStar Electric process. This process is the result of years of experience, and is designed to ensure the circuit breaker or panel is correctly removed and replaced.

Once the project is complete, your home and electronic products will be safe and secure, thanks to the expert installation services and the reliable Square D parts.

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