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New Heavy Ups in Woodbine, MD with TriStar Electric

New Heavy Ups in Woodbine, MD with TriStar Electric

TriStar Electric can help you with new heavy ups to keep your home up and running in the event of a lost power, electrical fire, or any other type of electrical issue. The modern household draws a lot more electricity than it did a few decades ago. By replacing or upgrading your electric circuit breaker panel or the “heavy up” as it is more commonly known, you can run all of your home’s modern-day appliances. This includes your computers, air conditioning, and dishwashers.

TriStar Electric can handle upgrading or replacing your panel box, which requires a permit to be filed out. Read on to learn all about new heavy ups in Woodbine, Maryland!

3 Key Reasons You Need New Heavy Ups in Your Home

Before we get into heavy ups, we need to define what it is. A heavy up is just another term for an electrical panel upgrade. These upgrades will enhance the electrical panel’s overall capacity for more energy, as well as making it much safer to operate a slew of different electronic devices inside your home. When you have a “heavy up,” you will notice a number of incredible benefits that will affect your Woodbine home’s entire electrical service. They are:

Enhanced Electrical Performance: if you have noticed your lights flicker or dim when you turn on specific appliances or breaker tips for no real reason, you definitely need a heavy up. The upgrade to your home’s electrical panel will help solve these common issues and provide a steadier and consistent energy supply throughout your house.

Safety in Your Electrical System: if your house is running off an older electrical panel, then there is a risk of overloading, which means that there is an electrical need that your current panel is unable to provide. This could be a serious fire hazard, which of course, could be dangerous for your house and your family. Now that you’re aware that overloading your electrical panel could lead to a house fire, you should know that a heavy up could resolve these issues simply by increasing the number of power levels to provide for all of the devices in your house.

Expanding Options: if you ever want to do any remodeling in your house, like room or circuit additions, you will need a bigger service panel. When you install a heavy up electrical upgrade in your Woodbine home, you are getting options and opportunities to expand without the dangers of adding on excessive electrical loads into your system. Your new heavy ups will take care of the electrical needs, and your service technician from TriStar Electric should be able to advise you on what those needs are.

How TriStar Electric Prepares for Installing New Heavy Ups

As mentioned before, TriStar Electric can deal with any new heavy ups, but we need a permit to be filed. Once the work is done, you can expect a follow-up visit from the county to ensure that everything has been dealt with correctly. Our electricians have the correct field experience and training to complete panel box upgrades efficiently and safely.

Before we start the upgrade, we’ll conduct a detailed examination of your home’s electrical unit. Your circuit panel box will be examined to make sure that it is safe to use until a new one is installed. We’ll also go over your energy needs and ensure that we answer every question before we create a proposal for your review.

After the permits are collected and equipment is secured, we begin the installation process. We will prepare the area inside your Woodbine home where the new box will be installed. We also deal with circuit breaker, box, and subpanel replacements. Whatever your home requires, you can count on us.

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