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Need Commercial Electricians in Odenton, Maryland?

Need Commercial Electricians in Odenton, Maryland?

Do you need commercial electricians? If so, hiring commercial electricians for your business in Odenton, Maryland, has many advantages. Of course, hiring a professional electrician comes at a cost. However, hiring the right company saves you a lot of money in the long run. 

TriStar Electric’s team of expert technicians is here to help you save on energy costs and reduce the number of times you have to call in for a repair or replacement. Attempting to service your electrical systems or call on a friend or two who aren’t certified comes with many risks. 

Installing electrical fixtures without expert knowledge is dangerous because you deal with many wires and circuits. Secondly, it can be expensive to fix novice mistakes. Here is more information about the commercial electrical services TriStar offers.

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Don’t hesitate to contact Tri Star Electric if you need a commercial electrician.

LED Lighting 

LEDs have been popular for a long time because they’re high in performance, emit more than enough light to keep your employees productive without adding harsh light to your office, and last much longer than CFLs or incandescent bulbs. 

Additionally, LED bulbs emit less heat, meaning that you can look forward to your Odenton business being more comfortable while you save on energy costs. The less heat there is in a building, the less your HVAC systems have to work to keep your building colder. 

Electric Vehicle Chargers 

The purchase of hybrid and electric cars is steadily increasing. Electric vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions, which reduces the number of pollutants surrounding our world. The world has concerns about what will happen to our planet if there isn’t a decrease in pollution. 

In short, gas is toxic to the environment. So, how does this affect you or your business? When you have electric vehicle chargers installed on your property, it shows that you care about the environment. 

Additionally, employees with electric vehicles will have higher morale because they now have a place to charge their cars. The same benefit applies to your customers. 

You can make money by charging people to charge their cars. People with electric vehicles tend to frequent the same charging stations. However, customers might also patronize your store or business because they come there so often to charge their cars. 


Generators help your business’ continuity because a generator can protect your company by restoring power when the regular grid faces a disruption. Reasons for such a disruption could be inclement weather, an animal damaging power lines, a brown or blackout, or scheduled maintenance. Whatever the reason, you want to ensure that your Odenton business doesn’t suffer from extensive downtime, leading to a decrease in profitability. 

Parking Lot Security Lighting

Adequate parking lot security lighting keeps your establishment safe and less at risk for crime. Even for offices that run from 9:00-5:00, it gets much darker during the winter. 

You, your employees, and your patrons deserve to feel safe as you leave the building and enter your cars. Therefore, you want to ensure that your parking lot has high visibility. We can install new security lighting or enhance the system you have. 

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