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Lutron Controls

Lutron Controls

When you make the decision to upgrade your home’s interior lighting, the focus is usually on the fixtures and type of light. Just as important are controls for those lights. TriStar Electric recommends, and uses, Lutron devices, dimmers, and accessories for their safety and dependability.

Today’s technology has been incorporated into many of Lutron’s dimmers and devices. For example, one of the company’s products is a sensor that can turn a light on or off when a person leaves or enters the room. This reduces the energy use in your home, which helps the environment and your energy bill.

Lutron produces products that are designed for different rooms in your house, including bathrooms, laundry rooms, workrooms, children’s rooms, nurseries, and kitchens. Each of these rooms serves a different function, and the lighting demands are also different. Lutron knows this, and has created the right solution.

TriStar Electric is familiar with the entire line of Lutron products, because they are designed the right way, are easy to install, and stand up to repeated use. In addition, Lutron’s products are safety tested, so you will not have to worry about fires and other hazards caused by overheated switches and accessories.

Whether you are working with TriStar to install brand new lighting fixtures, or you want to take advantage of Lutron’s product line, we can take care of your project. The electricians we hire are experienced and knowledgeable, and are totally reliable. They will consult with you before ordering the products, and be there on time for the installation.

After the installation is complete, our electricians will test the dimmers, switches, and accessories to make sure they are working properly. They will also teach you how to operate the Lutron devices, and answer any final questions you may have.

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