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LED Warehouse Lighting Installation Services in Elkridge, Maryland

LED Warehouse Lighting Installation Services in Elkridge, Maryland

Tr Star Electric LED Warehouse Lighting

Trust Tri Star Electric for your LED warehouse lighting needs.

Warehouse lighting differs significantly from office lighting. It costs much more to run a warehouse than to manage an office because warehouses are considerably larger than offices and cost more from an operational perspective. Therefore, it only makes sense to cut costs where you can. LED warehouse lighting installation services can make a difference if you’ve been looking for a way to cut energy costs at your Elkridge, Maryland, warehouse. Here are some considerations when choosing LED warehouse lighting. 

What Makes LED Lighting Better? 

Besides LED lights, your other two options for warehouse lighting are high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting and fluorescent lighting. Initially, HID lighting was the only option for lighting warehouses, which is still a lighting source that people use today because it’s cost-effective. 

However, HIDs have the highest rate of Lumen deprecation and do not offer many color options. All HID systems also need time before fully illuminating and require a cool-down period before you turn off these lights. During a power surge, it could take up to 15 minutes for HID systems to restore. 

Fluorescent lighting is a much better alternative for warehouse owners who want to save money while saving energy. Fluorescent bulbs offer more color choices than HIDs and come in many shapes and sizes, offering flexibility when lighting your Elkridge warehouse. 

Although, fluorescent lighting doesn’t perform well in frigid temperatures. Freezing temperatures lessen a fluorescent bulb’s lifespan. Warehouses are known for fluctuating temperatures, and you don’t want to spend much money replacing your fluorescent lights. 

Now, let’s talk about what makes LED lights better. LED bulbs are versatile and energy efficient, using less energy than any other light source while performing just as well, if not better. LEDs don’t suffer from on/off cycles, work well in cold temperatures, and last up to 10s of thousands of work hours. 

Why Hire TriStar? 

We’re credible and care about our reputation. Seriously, we encourage you to look at our Google ratings. Our team wants our customers to love our services, and not just from a profitability perspective. We take pride in our work and feel rewarded when our customers tell us that we’ve done an excellent job. 

We’ve also dedicated almost thirty years to helping Howard County businesses and residents find the best electrical and lighting solutions. We’ve serviced thousands of customers, ensuring we’re up-to-date on the latest technologies. 

We know that each warehouse has different needs, and it’s not enough to read about TriStar Electric on a page. We recommend you call us today to learn more and see if we’re an excellent fit for your company and your budget. 

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