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LED Warehouse Lighting Installation Services in Beltsville, Maryland

LED Warehouse Lighting Installation Services in Beltsville, Maryland

Tr Star Electric LED Warehouse Lighting

Trust Tri Star Electric for your LED warehouse lighting needs.

Lighting is a critical part of any warehouse or industrial facility for effective operation. Light provides visibility to employees while keeping them safe. Imagine how hard it would be to see, let alone work, in a dark warehouse. 

However, lighting an entire warehouse is quite challenging for owners who are unsure which lighting fixtures are the best. Many LED warehouse lighting options are available on the market and serve different purposes. 

Do you want to discover a wealth of information about the benefits of LED warehouse installation services for your warehouse in Beltsville, Maryland? As a professional LED lighting supplier, TriStar Electric knows to pick the best warehouse light fixtures and install them for you. 

What are My Options for Warehouse Lighting Fixtures?

Each facility has unique specifications and requirements to ensure that the warehouse is well-lit for employees. Your building’s ceiling height and size will determine your lighting fixture choice. Since most warehouses have tall ceilings, high bay lights are the best choice. 

These LEDs have high lumen counts (a brighter light) and are ideal for ceilings ranging from 15 to 50 feet. High bay lights work best for the following locations: 

  • Manufacturing and industrial facilities
  • Retail stores
  • Warehouses

Among the high bay light options, you could choose between UFO LED high bay lights or linear LED high bay lights. Linear LED high bay lights offer a wider range of illumination for large warehouses. On the other hand, UFO LED high bay lights are more compact and only need one hanging point for installation. This option is best if you want higher energy savings. LED exit lights and emergency lights are also an option. It’s crucial to have bright lights that can guide occupants to the closest exit in an emergency. 

What are the Benefits of LED Lights for Your Beltsville, Maryland Warehouse?

Warehouse lighting powered by LEDs is the best for efficiency. These lights are just as bright as fluorescent lighting or metal halide bulbs but use less energy. If you’re concerned about the cost, the most cost-effective option is to retrofit your lighting kits versus replacing all lighting fixtures. Of course, our technicians will let you know which option makes the most sense. 

Besides brightness and energy efficiency, it’s easy to customize or control the color temperature of LED lighting. The color temperature of a light bulb might not seem all that pressing. However, it is when you consider visibility and productivity. We offer color temperatures that range from 4000K to 5000K, which is an ideal range for warehouses. 

LED warehouse lights also have motion sensory, meaning that if people aren’t occupying a room, your lights turn off immediately. As a result, you save even more money on energy costs each year. 

Why Hire TriStar Electric for Your LED Light Installation?

Our customer service is unmatched, and our reviews on Google prove this. Clients we’ve serviced in the past appreciate our promptness, responsiveness, professionalism, and expertise. We have nearly three decades of experience, meaning we’ve serviced thousands of customers. 

If you want to add your Beltsville business to the list of happy customers, contact our talented technicians at (410) 799-5791 or (301) 384-8880. Reaching us online is also another option. 

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