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LED Office Lighting Installation Services in Odenton, Maryland

LED Office Lighting Installation Services in Odenton, Maryland

Owning an office has many logistics to ensure profitability. You have so many business decisions to make, such as hiring the right people, offering the right services, and learning where to cut costs. Many office owners don’t think about this. However, one way to cut costs is to evaluate your lighting fixtures. 

Are you still using traditional lighting sources to light your office in Odenton, Maryland? If so, you could miss out on more money than you realized. Investing in LED office installation services has many advantages we’d like to share with you today. 

Tristar Electric LED Office Lighting

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A Longer Lifespan 

Office lighting is so fundamental to productivity. If your office setting isn’t high in visibility, employees won’t be able to perform as strongly. On the other hand, lighting that’s too bright or harsh can cause headaches or migraines, which also leads to headaches. Since office lighting significantly impacts productivity, you want to invest in long-lasting lighting. It costs money to keep replacing bulbs every few months or every year. 

Fortunately, LED bulbs last an astounding amount of time longer than CFLs. According to Payless Power, a CFL bulb’s lifespan is a maximum of 8,000 work hours compared to a CFL’s nearly 50,000 work hours. 

Better Energy Efficiency 

LED bulbs are the clear winner regarding energy efficiency. Action Services Group reported that while CFLs use 25%-35% less energy than their incandescent predecessors, LEDs use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs. It’s also worth noting that CFLs use a lot of heat, making your HVAC systems work much harder than need be. 

A hot office also leads to unproductivity. When employees worry about how hot it is, it’s hard to focus on work. Plus, when your HVAC systems don’t have to work as hard, and you use less energy, it saves you a lot of money each year. 

TriStar Electric Can Offer You Various LED Lighting Options 

Another reason to invest in LED office lighting installation services is your many options. LED lights come in different colors, shapes, and designs. However, we can install a few LED lighting options, such as: 

  • Accent Lighting: Accent lighting emphasizes unique product shapes, colors, and textures. Specialized LED lighting technologies deliver rich, vibrant colors without fading or discoloring merchandise. 
  • Ambient Lighting: Ambient lighting improves a person’s sense of comfort, orientation, and well-being. In short, it enhances a person’s mood. Ambient lighting matters because when customers can easily find their way around your building, they’ll be more likely to shop and browse or explore your services. 
  • Area Lighting: Speciality area lighting works well not only for a back office and an employee break room but for checkout lines, a prep area in a deli, and bathrooms and dressing rooms. 

You should also know that we offer LED parking lot security lighting. We have your Odenton company covered regardless of whatever you require from our LED office lighting installation services. 

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