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LED Office Lighting Installation Services in Beltsville, Maryland

LED Office Lighting Installation Services in Beltsville, Maryland

Many businesses have discovered the advantages of lighting retrofits for their offices. You could do the same as a business owner in Beltsville, Maryland. There are so many reasons why companies should consider an upgrade. 

The U.S. and world governments are taking initiatives to reduce electricity usage. According to AARP, incandescent light bulbs will phase out in 2023 as a part of a push to move to greener lighting. Here are other reasons to consider LED office lighting installation services for your company. 

Tristar Electric LED Office Lighting

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LED Office Lights Last a Long Time stated that LED lighting typically lasts longer than other lighting sources. noted that the lifespan of LEDs lasts between 25,000-35,000 hours. also pointed out that a high-quality LED bulb could last three to five times longer than a CFL and 30 times longer than an incandescent bulb. 

Whether your office is small or large, lighting your workplace comes at a cost. Therefore, when you invest money into lighting sources, you want your bulbs and fixtures to last a long time and not worry about replacement costs and labor often. 

It Costs Less Money to Operate LED Bulbs and Fixtures 

An old-fashioned light bulb becomes hot to the touch. However, LED light bulbs and fixtures produce less heat and wasted energy. says LEDs use up to 90% less electricity than incandescent bulbs. 

You Can Recycle LED Light Bulbs

Older incandescent lights aren’t recyclable. On the other hand, you can fully recycle LEDs. It’s also worth noting that LEDs don’t contain mercury or other harmful materials that CFLs might. 

The Environmental Protection Agency even states that CFLs should not go into regular trashcans so as not to expose mercury to the environment. Instead, people should take advantage of local options. These options include home improvement retailers such as Lowes and The Home Depot. 

LED Lights Reduce Carbon Emissions 

The Climate Group states that lighting accounts for 5% of global CO2 emissions. Why is this such a problem? According to National Geographic, greenhouse gases have “far-ranging health and environmental problems,” which cause climate change and contribute to respiratory disease from fog and air pollution. The fewer carbon emissions exist, the better it is for the planet. 

The Benefits of LED Lighting for Your Beltsville, Maryland Business

Hiring TriStar Electric for your LED office lighting installation services is worth it because you’ll save a lot of money and save the planet in the process. How much you save depends on your office’s size, how many light bulbs exist, and how long you keep on the lights. 

If you’re a curious mathematician, you can always use an LED energy calculator to calculate the costs of a light bulb or fixture. Are you not a mathematician? Take note of your energy costs now and compare the expense after switching to LED office lighting. 

Commercial Lighting Services

A few of the many commercial lighting services that we offer include the following: 

  •  Parking Lot Lighting
  • Flood/ Security Lighting
  • Generators   
  • LED Lighting Installation 
  • Warehouse Lighting Installation 

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