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Generac Home Generator Installations in Hanover, Maryland

Generac Home Generator Installations in Hanover, Maryland

Generac is a global leader in providing the best home generators. If you’re a homeowner who lives in Hanover, Maryland (or anywhere for that matter), you deserve to experience uninterrupted access to power if there is a storm or other emergencies. A robust and dependable generator will help keep you and your family safe. 

There are many generators on the market. However, Generac has over 60 years of experience creating cutting-edge generators to fit various needs. 

TriStar Electric’s expertise in home generator installations, coupled with Generac’s longevity and high-quality generators, is the perfect combination to ensure your home has power during an outage. Here is a deep dive into what you should know about Generac home generator installations. 

Tri Star Electric Generac Installations

Rely on Tri Staff Electric for your Generac installations.

A Generac Home Generator Offers an Instant Power Backup 

Generators designed by Generac allow our residential electricians to integrate them into your electrical and gas systems if there isn’t any power. You’ll have an automatic power backup, and the generator will shut down immediately when the power is restored. In other words, the power will return to your regular home supplies. Since this will happen automatically, you won’t have to rush downstairs to turn on your generator. 

Generac Generators are Safe and Reliable 

Our residential electricians comply with all local fire, electrical, and construction codes when they install any electrical component in your home. Our technicians will correctly link all electrical connections to the circuit breaker for an automatic operation that doesn’t stress existing electrical components. You won’t have to worry about safety, or your home is at risk for hazards. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning or face inclement weather to power up your generator. 

You Won’t Have to Refuel Your Home Generator 

Portable generators offer a lot of support during outages. However, they require fuel to operate. If you don’t have any fuel during an outage, a portable generator won’t offer much help. However, because Generac generators link directly to your gas line, you’ll have a continuous fuel supply. Even if you depend on a refillable gas tank, you can use a generator daily for an entire week. 

Why Hire TriStar Electric to Take Care of Your Hanover, Maryland Home? 

Our home generator installations are superb because we have over 30 years of experience installing them. Our goal is to ensure that Howard County residents have safe and energy-efficient electrical systems installed in their homes while providing excellent customer service. 

Is a home generator not what you need? Then rest assured that we can offer any electrical service you need, including the following: 

  • Electrical Design & Consultation
  • Generator Repair
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting
  • LED Lighting
  • Dimmers and Timer Controls
  • Lighting installation
  • Kitchen Lighting
  • Under Cabinet Lighting
  • Bathroom Lighting
  • Generators
  • Electrical Heating
  • Generator Maintenance
  • Custom Lighting
  • Swimming Pool Equipment
  • Bathroom Ventilation Fans
  • Panel Upgrade / Heavy Up
  • Wire Repair
  • Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Outlet Replacement
  • Small Jobs
  • Exterior Wiring
  • Outdoor/ Exterior Lighting
  • Hot Tub & Spa Wiring
  • Deck Lighting
  • Update Electrical Grounding System
  • Electrical Line Trenching & Boring
  • Surge Protection
  • Circuit Breaker Repair or Replacement
  • Smoke & CO Detector Installation
  • Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

We encourage you to look through our Google reviews for first-hand accounts of our exceptional services. However, you’ll never be able to understand why we’re the best company until you call us today at 410-799-5791 or 301-384-8880 or reach us online.


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