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Generac Home Generator Installations Chevy Chase

Tri Star Electric Generac Installations

Rely on Tri Star Electric for your Generac installations!

Generac Home Generator Installations Chevy Chase

Losing power when there’s inclement weather is a headache. However, you can prepare by depending on TriStar Electric for our Generac home generator installations. If you’re a Chevy Chase, Maryland homeowner, you can contact us by calling (410) 799-5791 or (301) 384-8880. Feel free to check out the website to see what our masterful electricians offer. 

Generac Home Generator Installations Chevy Chase

Generac generators are convenient. They offer automatic backup power. If the power fails, the generator will turn on immediately, offering standby power. If the power goes out while you’re away, but your family is home, you’ll feel better knowing your family has backup energy when you aren’t present. However, if you’d prefer to control when your generator turns on versus off, our experts can install manual electrical backup systems. Either way, you’ll feel secure knowing you have a power source to keep your food cold and prevent spoilage. 

If a power outage happens briefly, it might not seem like that’s the biggest deal. However, when the power in your home is out for an extended period, the consequences can include the following: 

  • No air conditioning or heating 
  • Lack of water (if you rely on a pump)
  • Refrigeration loss
  • Lost power to medical equipment
  • Electronic damage (it can damage the equipment permanently when computers, TVs, and appliances go through electrical surges)

Propane and Natural Gas Generators Chevy Chase 

We have you covered whether you use gas or propane in your home. We can hook up gas generators to a gas line or use temporary propane tanks to install propane generators. We’ll schedule a visit to your home to survey it, discuss your needs, and then determine the best generator to meet your home’s energy needs. You’ll also feel relieved that you’ll never have to refuel your Generac generator. 

Generac Financing Chevy Chase

Can you not pay for a generator in full at this time? If so, you can still have the high-quality generator you need in your home. Generac offers financing for as low as $75 monthly, $0 down. The cost of Generac generators varies based on the size you get and the unit. For example, air-cooled generators are less expensive. However, liquid-cooled systems are more costly but also more robust. A liquid-cooled generator might be the better option if your Chevy Chase home is large and burns up a lot of energy. 

TriStar Electric is Your One-Stop-Shop for Residential Electrical Needs

Generac home generator installations aren’t our only specialty. You can depend on us for anything, whether the job is small, large, simplistic, or complex. Do you need deck lighting or your kitchen lighting recessed? Do you want to ensure you can charge your electric vehicle at home? We have over two decades of providing the best electrical and lighting systems to homeowners in Montgomery County. We have over 700 reviews on Google that showcase how our customers genuinely feel about us. 

We encourage you to check them out, but until then, here is a list of some of the residential electrical services we offer: 

  • Residential electrical maintenance contracts 
  • Electrical heating 
  • Surge protection 
  • Residential lighting services: deck, recessed, landscape, under-cabinet, kitchen, LED, and custom lighting 
  • Outlet replacement
  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Hot tub & spa wiring 
  • Electric vehicle charger installation 
  • Smoke & CO detector installation 
  • So much more! 

Are you not a Montgomery County resident but still need electrical or lighting services? If so, check out the other areas we serve.

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