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Exit LED Lighting Installation Services In Jessup

Exit LED Lighting Installation Services In Jessup

Suppose you own or maintain a commercial building in Jessup. In that case, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about maintenance, especially electrical maintenance, since it can significantly impact safety. Having a commercial electrician who you trust and can count on is vital. TriStar Electric provides electrical services to all sorts of commercial and residential properties. We can do everything from overheating, security, or parking lot lighting to new circuit installation for heavy equipment. One of our most essential services is the installation of LED exit lighting. Exit lighting is vital for safety, and LED lighting makes good financial sense. Call TriStar Electric today if your Jessup commercial property needs LED exit lighting installed.

Reliable Exit Lighting Is Vital For Jessup Businesses

Exit lighting refers to the signs that say “EXIT” that are constantly illuminated, even during a power failure or fire. These signs are vital for showing people when a doorway is an exit to the outside and when it is just an interior doorway. When people may be panicking in a fire or other emergency, these signs provide essential and easily understood information that can save lives. The importance of these signs and the system that supports them cannot be overstated. 

Several legal requirements apply to emergency exit signage, including.

  • Exit signs must be legible.
  • Exit signs must be lit.
  • Exit signs must be at the halfway point between two fire exits
  • If the exit is not visible, a secondary exit sign must be in place

TriStar Electric understands the importance of emergency exit signage and knows the regulations and codes to ensure it is installed safely.

LED Lighting Is A Smart Choice In Jessup

LED lighting is the most popular option for commercial and residential lighting applications. LED lighting offers excellent energy efficiency and is a practical financial choice. LED lights use considerably less energy than other types of lighting and waste less power. This energy efficiency translates to financial savings for more applications. LED lights also last long, making them an even better economic choice. Finally, LED lighting requires no aesthetic sacrifice – you still get bright and beautiful lighting for your commercial building. 

TriStar Offers LED Exit Lighting Installation In Jessup

Now that you know the importance of exit lighting and understand the benefits of opting for LED lights, you need a commercial electrician whom you can trust. TriStar Electric can be that electrician! We can install new LED lighting wherever you need it in your commercial building, including emergency exit lighting. Our knowledgeable team provides exemplary customer service and in-depth knowledge of codes and regulations related to LED and exit lighting, as well as any other electrical matters. Call us today to start installing your new LED exit lighting. 

Call TriStar Electric For Your Jessup Area Commercial Electrical Needs

If you’re looking for a dependable electrician to install your LED exit lighting or care for any other commercial electrical needs, look no further than TriStar Electric. We provide superior service and experience to Jessup and throughout the Baltimore and Washington, D.C., areas. We can install LED emergency exit lighting circuits and provide LED installations throughout Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Howard, Montgomery, and Prince George’s counties. Contact us for your exit LED lighting installation services today!

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