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Electric Vehicle Wiring Circuits Silver Spring

Tri Star Electric Electric Vehicle Wiring

Rely on Tri Star Electric for your electric vehicle wiring needs.

Electric Vehicle Wiring Circuits Silver Spring

Are you a home or business owner living in Silver Spring, Maryland? If so, TriStar Electric encourages you to make the world a better place, save money, and gain profits by counting on our professionals to install electric vehicle wiring circuits. 

You can get a free quote from us or dial our knowledgeable and trustworthy team at (410) 799-5791 or (301) 384-8880. 

Electric Vehicle Wiring Circuits Silver Spring 

The world has been concerned about the environmental impact of energy usage for decades. Energy usage also has financial implications. Therefore, TriStar Electric is proud to announce that we offer energy-efficient electrical and lighting solutions. Having LED lighting solutions in your office, warehouse, or home is better for the environment, and you save more money because LED lighting burns less energy. 

Electric vehicle wiring circuits have similar benefits. Charging an electric vehicle won’t skyrocket your electricity bill, and you’ll save money on fuel costs. Plus, all-electric cars don’t have tailpipes, so they aren’t a significant source of greenhouse carbon emissions. You’ll no longer have to wonder if your vehicle is putting harmful pollutants into the air. As a business owner, having electric car charging stations on your property shows you care about the planet. This green initiative will do wonders for your business’ reputation. 

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Silver Spring Gains Revenue

While electric car drivers can charge their vehicles from home, they still have moments when they need to power their electric cars on the road. You can set a fee and gain profits whenever an EV driver decides to power their car with one of your electric vehicle chargers. Additionally, these drivers might decide to patronize or spend money at your business, thus leading to even more revenue. Furthermore, when you’re a business owner who chooses to invest in electric vehicle charging stations, you’ll reach a new demographic you might not have had exposure to before. 

EV Incentives Silver Spring

Owning an electric vehicle or having chargers installed also comes with incentives. You might be concerned about the upfront costs of electric cars, chargers, and charging stations. However, rebates exist for individuals and businesses who choose to take a step in making our planet cleaner. We strongly encourage you to explore the following rebates: 

EV Charging by Brand Silver Spring

We are a certified Tesla charger installer. However, we also install various electric vehicle wiring circuits for different EV brands. Electric vehicles range in price point, style, and features. Therefore, anyone who drives can find a battery-powered car that best suits their needs. We install the following EV charger brands besides Tesla: 

  • Audi
  • Bosch
  • X040
  • BMW
  • Rivian
  • Mini Cooper Electric
  • Tesla
  • Hyundai
  • Chevrolet
  • Honda E
  • Clipper Creek
  • Level 1 Charger
  • Volkswagen
  • Level 2 Charger
  • Juice Box Charger
  • Nissan
  • Nema 14 – 50
  • Emporia Charger
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Autel Maxi Charger
  • Evo Charger
  • Massimo Charger
  • Zencar Charger
  • AmpRoad
  • Split Volt Charger
  • Flo Charger
  • Lefanev Charger
  • Vevor Charger
  • Morec
  • Volta Charger
  • Enphase Charger
  • Charging Adapter
  • Blink Chargers
  • Electrify America
  • Mobile Connector
  • Lectron Charger
  • Wall Connector
  • Ford
  • Volvo

The Best Commercial and Residential Electricians in Silver Spring MD

Experience? Check. Professionalism? Check. Friendly and knowledgeable commercial and residential electricians? Check. A broad range of electrical and lighting solutions? Yup. Excellent Google reviews? You bet. Shotty or faulty work that requires a million repairs further down the road?Nope. TriStar Electric checks all the boxes you need. Our team will give you peace of mind if you’re a Montgomery County home or business owner looking for the best commercial or residential electricians in your area. 

Are you not interested in the electric vehicle trend? No worries. Here are a few of the many electrical services we provide: 

  • LED lighting
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Residential and commercial electrical maintenance contracts
  • Heavy ups and panel box upgrades
  • Generac generator installation 
  • Residential and commercial flood lighting 
  • Residential and commercial security lighting
  • Surge Protection 

Don’t hesitate to get a quote from our team today or call (410) 799-5791 or (301) 384-8880. Are you not a Montgomery County resident? If not, here are all the areas we serve


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