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Electric Circuit Breaker Panel Upgrades and Replacements in Lisbon, Maryland

Electric Circuit Breaker Panel Upgrades and Replacements in Lisbon, Maryland

TriStar Electric can help you with electric circuit breaker panel upgrades and replacements to keep your home up and running in the event of a power loss, electrical fire, or any other electrical issue. The modern household draws much more electricity than it did a couple of decades ago. By upgrading or replacing your electric circuit breaker panel or the “heavy up,” you will be able to run all of your home’s modern appliances. This includes your dishwashers, air conditioning, and computers.

TriStar Electric can deal with your panel box upgrade, which requires a permit to be filed. Read on to learn all about heavy up electric circuit panel upgrades and replacements in Lisbon Maryland!

Signs You Need an Electric Circuit Breaker Panel Upgrade or Replacement

A lot of common electrical problems are linked to a faulty electrical panel since the panel is linked up to the entire electrical system. If your panel is malfunctioning, the damage is probably spread throughout the house. Think of the circuit breaker panel as the heart of your home’s electrical power. Some signs that you need an electric circuit breaker panel upgrade or replacement:

–      You Still Have a Fuse Box or Your Electrical Panel is Unsafe: Fuse boxes were the norm of homes all through the 1960s, and a few still have them today. If you do, it is time for a proper replacement.

–      Circuit Breaker needs Constant Resets: even if you got rid of an old fuse box not too long ago, the circuit breakers that replaced it may be outdated too. If your Lisbon residence was built before 1990, this might be a sign for an upgrade or replacement.

–      Odd Electrical Outlets throughout Your Home: any outlets that are damaged, outlets with only two prongs, which means they aren’t grounded. Keep an eye out for areas around water to make sure there are no ground fault circuit interrupters. This can lead to severe injuries or even death from electrocution.

How TriStar Electric Prepares for a Heavy Up Electric Circuit Breaker Panel Upgrade or Replacement

As mentioned before, TriStar Electric can deal with any circuit panel upgrades or installations, but we need a permit to be filed. Once the work is done, you can expect a follow-up visit from the county to ensure that everything has been dealt with correctly. Our electricians have the correct field experience and training to complete panel box upgrades efficiently and safely.

Before we start the actual panel box upgrade, we’ll conduct a detailed examination of your home’s electrical unit. Your circuit panel box will be examined to make sure that it is safe to use until a new one is installed. We’ll also go over your energy needs and ensure that we answer every question before we create a proposal for your review.

After the permits are collected, and equipment is secured, we begin the installation process. We will prepare the area inside your Lisbon home where the new box will be installed. We also deal with circuit breaker, box, and subpanel replacements. Whatever your Lisbon home requires, you can count on us to provide the right solution.

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