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Electric Circuit Breaker Panel Replacements in Hanover, Maryland

Electric Circuit Breaker Panel Replacements in Hanover, Maryland

There are a lot of upgrades that you can make to your home or business in Hanover, Maryland. When was the last time you considered an electric breaker placement? Have you ever considered one? 

Most people overlook electric circuit breaker panel replacements because breaker panels are obscure. A panel is often out of mind because it’s out of sight. For example, you might see them tucked away in the basement or laundry cupboards in a house. Plus, people don’t think about their electric circuit breakers until it trips. 

When the time comes, electric circuit breaker panel replacements are worth it. Here is a look at the benefits. 


If you need your circuit breaker panel replaced, contact Tri Star Electric.

Increased Safety

The main advantage of circuit breaker panel replacements is increased safety for your Hanover home or business. The result could be a fire if your electrical panel malfunctions. As you know, fires can destroy an entire property. Even if your insurance covers things such as these, there are priceless things that you can never replace if they become lost in a fire. 

Consistent Power

Modern electrical appliances and technology need constant power, and older electric panels don’t provide consistent power. You could overload your circuits without strong enough electrical power. Also, your circuit breakers could trip regularly. Instead of trying to guess if you have too many things plugged into your electrical circuit, an upgrade would be the better option. 

Additional Circuits

Some electrical panels don’t have enough space to add additional dedicated circuits. As a result, you won’t be able to power your devices and electronics easily. With an upgraded electrical panel, you’ll have enough circuits to protect your home or business and provide for your electrical needs. 

Knowing When Your Electrical Circuit Breaker Panels Need a Replacement 

There are some clear signs that a replacement should be in the future, such as: 

  • A warm electrical panel: Properly connected and insulated panels should not heat up so much that you notice it. If you touch your electrical panel that feels warm, it’s time to call us.
  • If you own a fuse-based electrical panel: Fuse-based electrical panels are not necessarily harmful but outdated. They also aren’t robust enough for current electrical needs. 
  • If you hear noises: If you hear buzzing, clicking, or humming sounds from your outlets, this could mean something is awry with the outlets, wiring, or electrical panel. You’ll be able to find where the issue lies by calling one of our experts at TriStar Electric. 
  • If your Hanover business or home is older than 25 years old: Electrical panels can last from 25-40 years without a replacement. If your home or business is coming up on that 25-year mark, then it is time to have a professional inspect your panels. 
  • Constant circuit breaker trips: Circuit breakers that trip a lot signify the electrical demand being too high. An overtaxed panel can cause an electrical fire. 
  • Strange smells: Unknown smells near your breaker panel indicate something already burning without you being able to see it. Please address this issue immediately. 
  • Water Damage: You should have your panel inspected for a potential replacement if there has been water damage around or on your electrical panel. Water damages sensitive circuitry, leaving your home or business less protected. 

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