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Three-Phase Panel & Sub Panel Installation

How do commercial buildings control their electricity? The main panel is the control center that brings electricity into the building to power fixtures and machines in every room. In some cases, buildings use sub panels to further control electrical flow. TriStar Electric has the knowledge, training, and experience to install three-phase panels and sub panels in your office, warehouse, or other commercial facilities. If you need three-phase panel and sub panel installation in Maryland, contact TriStar Electric!

Our Three Phase Panel & Sub Panel Installation Services

Dealing with electricity is a task best left to a professional electrician. Touching the wrong piece of metal or wire at the wrong time could lead to electrocution and death. Leave it to the electricians at TriStar to perform panel and sub panel installation services in Maryland and Washington, D.C. We can also install meters and submeters to help you gain the most energy efficiency and lower energy costs.

What Is a Three Phase Panel & Sub Panel?

Three-phase main panels and sub panels use three-phase electricity to power different electric machines and devices. Three-phase power uses three paths of alternating current (AC) to create a strong, consistent current. This power runs through the main panel and sub panels if applicable to power three-phase equipment.

How Does It Work?

Main Panel

Electricity comes from an electrical power plant to the commercial building. The current runs through a step-down transformer to match the building’s voltage, through a meter, and then into the main panel.

In the main panel, you will find three main bus bars flanked by a connected ground bus bar and a neutral bus bar. Above these bars is the main circuit breaker, which can cut off electricity from flowing into the entire building. A neutral wire connects to the neutral bus bar, leading electricity back out of the building.

Attached to the main bus bars are circuit breakers that control the electrical flow to different circuits in the building. As more appliances connect to each circuit, the current will increase. The circuit breaker will automatically shut off the power if the current goes beyond the maximum.

Sub Panel

A sub panel works similarly to the main panel, except that the ground bus bar and neutral bus bar are separate. A sub panel is necessary when there is not enough room to add more circuit breakers in the main panel or if it is more convenient to keep the circuit breakers close to the appliances that use those circuits.

Meter & Submeter Installation Services

A meter between the nearest transformer and the main panel will read how much electricity the building uses, allowing electrical companies to know how much to charge. This usage has its measurement in watts. Submeters can allow subsections of commercial buildings to read electrical use in further detail. For example, apartment buildings often install submeters in individual apartments so the renter can pay their bill for the electricity they use in their unit.

TriStar Electric installs meters and submeters. We specialize in installing E-mon D-mon meters, which are renowned for their quality. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Contact TriStar Electric for Three Phase Panel & Sub Panel Installation!

TriStar Electric has decades of experience in commercial electrical services, including three-phase panel and subpanel installation. You can utilize our services in Washington, D.C., and in Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Howard, Montgomery, and Prince George’s counties. We look forward to hearing from you!

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